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Aslam Chicken: Age old romance of the Butter and Chicken.

What comes to your mind when you think about ‘Butter Chicken’?  A dish from the Indian subcontinent, of chicken in mildly spicy curry sauce? But, have you ever imagined the same dish in a 500 gm slab of melted butter along with some lip smacking marinate of the secret spices? Well, if this sounds tempting enough to you. You should surely try dining at a hidden gem in the chaotic streets of Old Delhi that is the ‘Aslam Chicken’ , a book whose first page was written in the late 90’s  is an age old legacy that has winged up ‘Butter Chicken’ as its specialization, which still amuses the hearts of gourmands from across the country.

Finding this wonder in the busiest streets of Old Delhi won’t be a big trouble for you because of the fame which this place holds proudly due to its year old serving of happiness in the form of most appetizing comfort food. At it’s earliest it was a double storeyed shop which later developed as a 4-storeyed restaurant, even which is not enough to fetch seats for all the customers sometimes. You can see the mouth watering sight of the ‘Butter Chicken ‘being prepared at the entrance of the restaurant. It is a unique combination of chicken cooked over coal pierced through the barbeque rods which are then dipped in a curd like mixture and a massive amount of butter along with a touch of secret spices  which indeed is chose to be kept a secret by the owner and the Aslam’s chefs.

Although, this place offers a limited number of dishes including the famous butter chicken and butter fish tikka which is prepared in a merely same way. It has various branches which are spread all over the city so that they can deliver the happiness at every corner of the capital. This joint works some kind of magic which even melts the hearts of the most health conscious and calorie restricting people to gulp up the fine pieces of chicken dipped in rivers of melted butter along with a whole basket of roomali rotis (thin flat breads made up of atta and maida flour).

The journey that started years ago has come through a great adventure and competition but it still stands tall and proud to quench the thirst of foodies with love hospitality and every ounce of dedication to make their butterly experience as creamy and smooth as their chicken.

Shop Name: Aslam Chicken

Address : Jama  MAsjid , New Delhi

Contact info : +91 9312281022