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Bangalore food tour- ghee roast, dosa, dairy milk sandwich and much more!

Along with Dr. Hema, an avid food blogger we go through the beautiful streets of Bangalore as we explore their cuisine and culture.

We first head to Siddappa hotel which is attached to a temple. We try the idli chutney sagu, a dish which consists of soft fluffy idlis served with vegetable sagu, ghee and coconut chutney and Chitrana also known as lemon rice. The hotel is known for the authenticity of the food it serves, especially Chitrana. In times, when there’s a huge influx of crowd in to the place the famous siddappa dosa evolves into a half masala dosa which is equally loved by people across the city.

Next we move on to one of Bangalore’s famous breakfast places, Vidyarthi Bhavan. We begin with chow chow bhaath, a sweet savory consisting of khara bhaath and kesari bhaath. It is served with coconut chutney and vegetable sagu. We also try the crisp masala dosa which has been a part of the legacy for 75 years. The recipe hasn’t hanged till date and is a favourite amongst the localities’.

Our next stop is, Brahmin’s coffee bar where we try the cult favourite idli vada served with crispy vadas and coconut chutney and their strong filter coffee. They serve Bengaluru’s best filter coffee. Thus, it’s a must go!  We then head to Puliyogare point and try their Puliyogare, a dish which consists of rice infused with tamarind chutney or gojju and served with sweet Pongal or as we like to call it, the humble khichdi.

Next we visit Meghna foods where we try the Meghna special 555, a dish which is flavoursome and spicy, filled with cashew taste and prominent pepper flavour. The speciality of this place is the Meghna special chicken biryani. We head towards, MTR (Mavalli tiffin room) where we are served with a main thali which consists of coconut and pudina chutney. This unique chutney has been originated here with the base as coconut and pudina adding the extra flavour to it. The next in the thali was beans palya, these are shallow fried beans with tadka and served with grated coconut and vegetable sagu, the sagu is a dish that has vegetables cut in small pieces and coconut which is served as a curry. The thali also has, kosambari, a dish made up of urad dal with fresh cucumber and green chillis. We also have the masala vada made up of two types of dal, crunchy puri and masala dosa. Last but not the least, the thali ends with a desert called as rava payasam.  We also tried the bisi bele bhaath which consists of chopped vegetables boiled with bele or dal in Kannada. This is served with Mussur bhajji, a south Indian version of the north Indian raita. All of this is topped with fruit salad served with ice cream. Our sweet tooth isn’t put to rest as we also try Chandrahara! A special desert only available in MTR, nowhere else.

We head to Hari super sandwich, one of the most college hubs well known for its sandwiches. We try the chocolate sandwich, a favourite among college students with loads of oozing chocolate from the sandwich! The next is their Hari special sandwich with mushroom, grated cheese and mayonnaise filling inside. The most selling item is the American sweet corn sandwich served with sweet corn cheese and their patent chutney. Lastly, we head to Maiyas for a cup of frothy freshly brewed coffee.

Places visited:

Siddappa hotel

Ashwath Nagar, 7th Block, Sampangi Rama Nagara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027


Vidyarthi Bhavan

32, Gandhi Bazaar Main Rd, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004


Brahmin’s coffee bar

Near Shankar Mutt, Ranga Rao Rd, Shankarapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004


Meghna foods

Above Sony Centre, Opposite Park Plaza, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli 080-41738999
8880609609, 08041738999


MTR (Mavalli tiffin room)

Samvit, Next to Art of Living Ashram, Kanakapura Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560082


Hari super sandwich

177/A-44, 22nd Cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore



459, 30, 30th Cross Rd, IV Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004


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Mysore food tour part 2

As we further explore the culture and the cuisine of the city, Mysore we begin with the local markets. Firstly, we visit the Devraj market. Built by Chamraj Vodeyar, it is apparently believed to be the first planned market of India. A beautiful, vibrant and a colourful market, it happens to be 120 years old. Filled with shopkeepers selling variety of vegetables and fruits, you are bound to explore the intricacies of the Mangalorean culture.

We briefly stopped at the Raja Coffee works to understand the different mix of coffee and then headed towards Gayatri tiffin room to try green dosa and their amazing filter coffee. Green dosa, is certainly one of its kind and healthy too. The green dosa is stuffed with coriander, spinach and fenugreek leaves and it is served with bhonda sambhar and coconut chutney. We then ended our meal with a glass of strong filter coffee.

Keerthana introduced us to a sweet delight known as dil khush for the evening snacks served at VB bakery. A puff pastry stuffed with a lot of sugar and everything sweet! Basically, it’s stuffed with sugar, coconut and cherry. Certainly, quite a catch for kids. We also, tried the badam milk which was being sold right beside the bakery. Mysore is incomplete without its Mysore dosa found at Dosa point. A crispy dosa topped with red chutney and stuffed with delicious aloo masala.

Last stop of the day was the food street at lalit mahal palace road. It is known for its tasty chaat and 99 whooping varieties of dosa! A unique blend of western with the Indian culture, it is a must try!

A great day filled with food exploration and exploring various blends and fusion of food and dishes! Mangalore is a must visit if you’re a foodie!


Places visited:

Devraj market

Sayyaji Rao Rd, Devaraja Mohalla, Shivarampet, Mysuru- 570001

Raja Coffee works

Bhavathi, Bunder, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575001


Gayatri tiffin room

Chamundipuram Main Road | Narayan Shasthri Road, Mysuru (Mysore) 570004, India (Formerly Gayatri Tiffanis)


VB Bakery

No.20, Sajjan Rao Circle, V V Puram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004


Dosa point

Thokkattu, Thokottu, Karnataka 575020


Food Street

Near Mangalore One, Bawtagudda, Light House Hill Rd, Mangaluru, Karn

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Mangalore food tour part 2

Mangalore as a city and Mangalorean cuisine has grown up to accommodate various cultures and ethnicity ranging from Muslims, Mangalorean Catholics and Saraswat Brahmins to name a few. Being a coastal city, it is easy to recognize that the staple diet here happens to be fish. Moreover, almost like all coastal cuisines it is spicy and rice based.

With, Karishma we explored the Hotel Maharaja which is situated on bunts hostel road in Mangalore, Karnataka. The restaurant is well- known for its ghee roast! We tasted some flavoursome Mangalorean delicacies To begin with, we tried shell fish (marvai) sukka. Sukka means dry in their local language and it is a sea fish prepared in Mangalorean style. This was followed by Neer dosa or what is also known as water dosa along with chicken curry. Neer dosa is prepared using the same usual batter that is used to prepare the basic dosas, except that a lot of water is added to the batter. Hence, the dosas are much thinner in their texture. With different dishes being brought to us we also tried the chicken ghee roast. It is a spicy dish cooked heavily in ghee with red chilli paste. Later, we tried the kori roti. An absolute favourite of the Mangalorean’s, these are crisp dry wafers made from boiled brown rice served alongside chicken curry. Kori means chicken in tulu. Kori rotis are also, readily available at grocery stores so if you want to take them back to your home, it won’t be much of a task! One ingredient that is taken into account while preparing almost major Mangalorean dishes is curry leaves. They are heavily used in almost all preparations.

Next, we head to one of Mangalore’s the most popular go-to spots is Giri Manja’s. This little eatery is tucked away in the car street. Highly recommended by the locals, it is a must try out here! Well-known for their sea-food we try their fish thali which consists of boiled rice served with kokam saar, fish curry and veg curry. The thali is served with bonda juice also known as tender coconut juice. Along with this, we tried the prawn fry locally known as yetti fry and squid fry which is known as bondas fry. We were then served with, anjal fry. A seer fish fried in Manjas style. This, happens to be their special dish, which is certainly a must-try! The flavours are tangy and the fish is marinated for the longest time thus, bound to capture your taste pallets.


At hotel Karthik, we try the Mangalore snacks. Here we ordered the very-famous Kalladka tea also known as KT, a three layer tea with the bottom layer consisting of condensed milk, foam and then served with decoction. This was served with banana podi locally known as parndh podi. These are banana fritters. The bananas used to cook these are known as Etha pazham banana. Then comes the Mangalore buns, sweet, soft and fluffy puris from Udupi, a well-known region in Mangalore. Not to forget, the goli bajje, a famous evening snack. These are soft and spongy fritters made with all-purpose flour, spices and herbs.

We were later introduced to, a local mobile shop known as Halli Mane rotties situated in Gandhinagar. The food joint offers three types of rotis made up of ragi, jowar and rice. These are really good for health and gluten-free! The rotis are served with a mixed vegetable curry and punarpalli juice also called as Kokam juice. The juice is sweet and good for digestion.

Right opposite to Kaddri park, is a lane which has quaint little food joints for everyone to try. We head to Dinky dine where we tried the grape juice. It is juice joint really famous in Mangalore. The day came to an end on a sweet note as we headed towards the ice-cream parlour. Here we tried the Marzi pan ice-cream, a sweet pan-flavoured ice-cream and gudbud, a multi-layer ice-cream consisting of three flavours, butterscotch, strawberry and vanilla served with cherries and fruits.

Places visited:

Maharaja Restaurant

1st Floor, Trade Centre, Near Jyothi Circle, Bunts Hostel Road, Balmatta, Mangalore


Giri Manja’s

Kalikamba Temple Cross Road, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575001


Hotel Karthik

Kulur Ferry Rd, Urwa Store, Kottara, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575006


Halli Mane

Pentland Pet Rd, Gandhinagar, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575003


Dinky Dine

Opp. Kadri Park, Mangaluru, Karnataka 5

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Mysore food tour part 1

Namaskara! Today we are headed to the cultural capital of Karnataka which is Mysore. Mysore, officially known as Mysuru is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka. According to hindu mythology, Mysore was ruled by the demon Mahishasura, known as a buffalo-headed monster. It is apparently said, that the demon used to terrorise the local population and in response to their prayers to save them from the demon, goddess Parvati took birth as chamundeshwari and killed the demon on the top of the Chamundi hill. Thus, the city got its name as Mysore.
Our food journey started with Keerthana accompanying us.

Along with Keerthana, we headed to the famous Mylary Agrahara and tried their Mylari dosa. It is really soft in its texture served with coconut chutney and onion sagu. The softness of the dosa filled us to the brim and we then headed towards Amruth Veg. Here we tried a combination of three different dosas also known as the Amruth special dosa. These were Ragi masala dosa, pudi masala dosa and plain dosa served with vegetable sagu, chutney and loads of butter! The meal was followed by a yummy frothy and strong filter coffee. Keerthana, later introduced us to Mallige idli, these are soft, spongy aromatic idlis got its name due its texture and resemblance to jasmine flowers.
Our next destination was Hanumanthu hotel, a pretty old establishment. Well, 1932! You can imagine how old it must be! We came here to try their famous mutton pulao which is cooked from bullet rice and mutton fat.
Further, to try the rural food of Karnataka, we went to Uncle Loobo’s- Sugi mane. We had an amazing experience learning how to cook Ragi Mudde. Moreover, you get to have a totally authentic experience as the food is served on banana leaves. We had the amazing keema sambhar which was served with minced meatballs and had to be consumed with little bites of Raggi Mudde. Having Raggi Mudde, only makes us realize how we are slowly coming back to our roots as we try to cure various lifestyle diseases, like diabetes. Ragi or finger millet is a staple rural food of Karnataka which is consumed frequently.

To try some classic home-based Karnataka dishes we visited, Anima Madhva Bhavan. Here we tried their, well-known heritage platter which is served without any onion and garlic. The platter consists of paddu, these are steamed rice balls and they are deep-fried served with coconut chutney. The next item is, nucchinunde these are dumplings made up of lentils. This was followed by gojjuvalakki, a popular breakfast dish prepared using beaten rice with rasam powder and tamarind. The meal ended with ghodi payasa, which is cooked broken wheat kheer.

We then headed towards, Guru Sweet mart for Karnataka’s one of the most loved sweets Mysore Pak, which is made up of gram flour, ghee, cardamom, turmeric and sugar. This was originally invented in the royal kitchen of Mysore by Kakasura madappa. The sweet dish later went on to win the hearts of many!

A great day spent exploring food and traditions ranging from the best Malhari dosa to the creamiest Mysore pak which simply melts in your mouth! Go try and we’d love to know your experiences with the city of culture, Mysore.

Places Visited:

Mylary Agrahara

Agrahara Fort, Karnataka, 67/4, Sayyaji Rao Rd, Agrahara, KR Mohalla, Fort Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka 570004


Amruth Veg

42, Dr. BR Ambedkar Road, Chamarajapura, Chamaraja Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka 570024


Hanumanthu Hotel

1720, Akbar road, Mandi Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001


Uncle Loobo’s- Sugi mane

Near Speech & Hearing Circle, Bogadi main Road, Bogadi, Mysuru, Karnataka 570007


Anima Madhva Bhavan

12th Cross Road, Gokulam 2nd Stage, Vani Vilas Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka 570002


Guru Sweet mart

Shop No: 1, Devaraja Market Building, Near K.R. Circle, Sayyaji Rao Rd, Devaraja Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001

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Mangalore Food Tour part 1


Namaskara! Today along with Karishma we explore the local delicacies of Mangalore. The second major city of Karnataka, Mangalore is also known as the gateway of Karnataka. Not only that, it happens to be the largest coastal city in the Malnad regions of Karnataka besides being an educational, commercial and an industrial hub in the west coast of India. Also, an important port city it is one of the most multi-cultural and non-metro cities of our country.

Our journey on exploring the amazing delicacies begins with the famous and one of the oldest restaurants in the city, the New Tajmahal Café. Brought to us, were some classic dishes like Rice Pundi which are soft rice dumplings served with chutney and bele thove (moong dal), Kottige also known as gunda in their local language is idli batter served in steamed jackfruit leaves and biscuit roti. Biscuit roti is a famous Mangalorean snack prepared using all purpose flour, semolina, grated coconut and spices. A pocket friendly café, it is known for its Mangalorean dishes. Not to forget, the well-known sweet dish Sanjeera, looks almost like the Kachori served in North-India except that it’s sweet and stuffed with sugar and coconut. Also, when in Mangalore things always end up with the yummiest filter coffee!

Our second stop is the Ayodhya Hotel which is well known for its seasonal dishes they serve. A true highlight of our food tour, this no-frills restaurant accommodates one of the best local and authentic Mangalorean cuisines. We begin with our authentic Mangalorean breakfast with turmeric leaf gatti. These are steamed rice dumplings stuffed with coconut, jaggery and cardamom mixture.Further followed with is, Patrode, a Mangalore style spicy steamed rolls prepared with colocasia leaves and rice. We also tried the Kadpeere podi, a fried dish made up of seasonal vegetables which tastes and looks similar to bitter gourd. Thus, a bit bitter in taste. Another dish which is available only during the rainy season is the tojank biji (sena tora, thakara leaves). These are made of seasonal leafy vegetables. These are really healthy and rich in fibre! We next move on to another well-known dish which is the Moode, these are particularly cylindrical shaped idlis steamed in screw pine leaves. Not to forget, it should be accompanied by the healthy cucumber idli. Also known as, kadamb or Taushe idli they are made using cucumber. We end our meal here, with Raggi mani which happens to be a traditional dessert using finger millets, jaggery and coconut milk and Nai appa, another sweet dish made up of rice jaggery and coconut. Not to forget, try the famous Kalthappam, a pan cake using rice, jaggery, and coconut and cardamom powder. However, the true Mangalorean breakfast only gets completed when you fill yourself up with Payasam also known as rice pudding.

Well, we aren’t yet done! But, the variety of dishes that the city presents to you is incomparable and amazing. It soothes your food pallet and makes you only want more. No wonder why it’s truly a food-lover’s heaven!


Places visited:
 The New Tajmahal Café : Hotel Panchmahal building, KS Rao Road, Kodailbail, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575003

The Ayodhya Hotel: Kodailbail, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575003