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By Anubhav Sapra

I got a chance to visit the recently opened lounge, Bulldogs, in Hauz Khas Village and try out their unique delicacies. Bulldogs is spread over three levels, each one having its own unique characteristic. The first level is a bed lounge with lower seating, the second level is a sofa lounge, and the third level is the terrace, quite closer to the sky. I seem to have been dating the stars, that day. Indeed, it was a great feeling to be close to nature. Bulldogs also has the unique concept of a ‘drink exchange game’, a  guest driven, all day long, happy hour where the prices rise or crash and one can buy drinks at literally rock bottom prices. Sounds interesting! Though, it is quite an audacious attempt for one who risks it.

Bulldogs Ambience - 2The music was at its peak at the bed and the sofa level. For those who enjoy loud music, it seems to be a treat. However, I prefer it to be mild. On request, they lowered down the pitch at the terrace level. As I seemed to be alone at the level, it worked for me. I found myself a comfortable sofa with a bonfire stand besides it. It was quite a pleasant feeling. The staff was warm and welcoming and would do their best to make you feel at home.

I was overwhelmed to meet the chef there, Mr. Yograj Chauhan. ‘Humble’ would be just the right adjective for him. The chef graciously introduced me to some of the most exotic dishes on their menu. The chef first served me with a platter of short dogs, which are basically bite-sized hot dogs. I tried some vegetarian and non-vegetarian ones, a few of them being: mutton seekh, murgh malai tikka, butter chicken. The buns were soft and the fillings were excellent in taste. If you are fond of mushrooms, try the short dog laden with cheese and mushroom. It was simply the best! I enjoyed every bite of the short dogs I had. If you ask for a platter, you are free to choose any four short, hot dog fillings based on your taste preferences.

Food Shot - 2In Bulldog’s Quick Bites menu, I had stuffed cheese mushrooms (crispy fried mushroom stuffed with cheese), chicken popcorns (crumb fried chicken pieces), fish sticks (crispy breaded fish served with tartar sauce). All the dishes in the Quick Bites menu were delectable except the seekh kebabs which were a bit dry for me. In the main course, I could only try the juicy and succulent pork chops, marinated with Italian herbs and served with mashed potatoes, as I was already too full.

Food Shot - 4Desserts are a must for me, even with a full stomach. I had an apple pie and a choco lava cake with vanilla ice cream. I enjoyed the apple pie, usually not found so easily. The menu has a long list of interesting dishes in the main course like lemon butter fish (pan fried sole in lemon butter sauce), spicy tiger prawns (tiger prawns marinated with chillies, and served with crispy rice, salad and thyme veloute sauce) and stuffed chicken breast (chicken breast stuffed with spinach, cheese, jalapeno, served with lyonnaise potato and salad). As the quick bites were excellent, I am sure the rest of the main course would be amazing too. I am now planning to go back to try them all soon.

Address:  Bulldogs: T – 6B, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi-110016

For reservations and enquiries: +91.9810004215 / +91.9810102306 / +91.9810088667 / +91.11.43524216

Timings: 12:00 Noon – 12:30 AM

Meal for 2: Rs.800 ++ (Without Alcohol)  & Rs.1200 ++ (with Alcohol)

Anubhav Sapra
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