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Street food tour- VV Puram Bangalore

We explored Bangalore’s famous street food area- VV Puram. The food street specialises in a lot of different cuisines with the street filled to the brim with various stalls.

We begin with Chandra chaat centre and try their special bread cutlet. A dish which has bread infused with loads of Indian spices and butter served along with onions and potatoes. The next on our list was tomato slice. Seems plain right? But, no it is served with chaat sprinkled heavily on the top along with puffed rice. Next, we go to VB Bakery and try their congress bun, a bun infused with butter and peanut masala. The butter enhances the flavour and the peanuts give you a nutty crunchy flavour. Great, isn’t it? We also tried their famous dumroat, this is pumpkin halwa served in old Bangalore style.

From a local stall, we try the Avrekayi vade. Avrekayi or Hyacinth seeds mixed with vadas are served. We then move on to Arya vysa restaurant and try paddu, dosa batter served with onions and chutney. We also tried nitrogen wafers, these are nitrogen infused wafers. So when one eats them smoke comes out of their mouth!

We also had the akki roti and ragi roti. This is rotti made with rice flour, a great Karnataka style old food served with chutney and Sāmbhar. While the ragi roti is made up from ragi or millets and is quite soft but extremely healthy! We also tried the Chitrana, or the classic lemon rice served with coconut chutney. Next, we filled ourselves with banana bhajji, raw bananas fried to bajjis filled with chilli powder, onions and carrots. We also tried, a dish called triveni. A sweet dish served with ice-cream, home-made butter fruits and gulkand. The taste is spot on and bursts with flavours!

It is a must visit if one ever heads to Bangalore. VV Puram has an electric atmosphere! The food and the vibe is bound to mesmerise you and leave you wanting for more.


Places visited:

Chandra chaat centre

No.63, Sajjan Rao Circle, V V Puram, Bangalore – 560004, Opposite To Park


Arya vysa restaurant

No.12/1, Old Market Road, V V Puram, Bangalore – 560004, Near Sajan Rao Circle & V B Bakery


VB Bakery

No.20, Sajjan Rao Circle, V V Puram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004