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By Prakriti Bhat

KFC recently launched its latest foodie product, Chizza, amidst much fanfare. Heavily promoted by mass media, Chizza was everywhere. Your daily newspaper, TV commercials, radio commercials, social networking sites; Chizza made its present felt on every possible platform. And it was hard to resist the charm of this new dish, especially after watching the advertisements and posters. 4 pieces of KFC’s classic Hot and Crispy chicken topped with oodles of cheese and a few veggies. Pull one piece out and threads of cheese stretch all over your plate. Who can resist the heavenly combo of chicken and cheese?

Recently I got a chance to sample this new dish, thanks to a gift voucher. A box of Chizza costs Rs. 169. I paired it up with a glass of Vanilla blue Mojito and Chicken Popcorn. My friend and I were highly anticipating to be swept off our feet by the aroma of cheese and seasonings. However, we were a tad bit disappointed. Both of us being cheese lovers were let down by the scanty amount of cheese. The seasonings and veggies were all good but the dish is called ‘Chizza’ so one does expect a lot of cheese.

The concept is quite innovative. Crispy chicken and smooth cheese create the perfect binary, but only in theory. The final product that you get is actually quite soggy because of the cheese. The crunchy chicken base becomes all doughy because of this and the imagined crispy-creamy combo is not realized. However, it is quite flavourful in its own way. It may not be as beauteous as the poster but it sure is a treat to your taste buds.

Our add-ons to the meal, Chicken Popcorn and Vanilla Blue Mojito were perfect. Nothing can whet your appetite like their Popcorn. This is a personal favourite and I just HAVE to order this every time I visit KFC. The Vanilla Blue Mojito is another breezy drink that goes with your finger lickin’ good food. However, I would recommend a Masala Lemonade to go with your Chizza.

KFC continues to re-innovate its menu with regular additions. Their Chizza is the latest one, catching up with the masses. I am eagerly waiting for their Nashville Chicken to enter the Indian market. This spicy treat is sure to suit the Indian Palate.

Cost of Chizza- Rs. 169

Available at all KFC outlets


Anubhav Sapra
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