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Hanging Out @ SportsDiner

Keep the child alive is what everyone has always said about growing up. SportsDiner by HangOut is one of those places where you can be unabashedly childish. From Monopoly to Air hockey, it offers you everything; even if you fancy a round of bowling or a virtual reality game. Oh and I am not just looking at the 23 year olds who seek this opportunity to take a break from adulting but even you parents. While you grab a bite or a drink amidst snooker tables, your little ones can easily be mesmerized by the interactive play area on the next floor (the pizza parlour and the hospital areas are cute enough to start playing yourself).

Coming to the food, the chef is doing something brilliant things with the vegetarian fare. It happens so often that our ve getarian friends get sidelined when we go out to have a night of drinks and games. Blindly order the vegetarian Pizza, you will see a play with veggies including broccoli and the cheese. The crust is light and the sauce actually compliments the green. If I didn’t notice the calories on the cheese, I would have declared this a healthy meal.(Yes, its a tennis racket acting as a serving plate in the picture)

Next came the Kung Pao chicken with what we figured was a pickled cabbage that was not kimchi. Delhi is almost infamous for its chin-jabi culture and if your hangout doesn’t serve you good masala chinese, why is it even a hangout. No such situation here. The chicken was as juicy as much as  it was exploding with all the garlic and chilli peppers. The special non veg platter comes with 4 different types of tikkas. This is the part that leaves you with a sense of dissatisfaction. The classic chicken tikka was still cooked well but the fish and malai tikkas had perhaps had too much time in the tandoor and ended up dry while the seekh was bland and chewy.


But hey, the best part is the hospitality of the place. The diner has the sweetest staff, who will readily take on any criticism their way and work on it (it’s such a rarity nowadays that I always like to mention it). They are also very keen on making the entire experience better and will keep accommodating all your requests. It’s the one corner in the heart of the poshest areas where you can let loose.

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