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Happyness is Ice Cream. #flavoursoftheseason

I have always been told that you cannot buy happiness and well, being the foodie I am, I always tell them that I can buy Ice Cream and that is pretty much the same thing. There is no other comfort food like ice cream, especially when it comes to Baskin Robbins and their penchant for trying out the wackiest flavours, that somehow always work.

As one of the Happyness Ambassadors this month, Baskin Robbins presented us with their five experiments for the month and asked us to pick a favourite. Now, a foodie is a foodie because of our indecisiveness when it comes to picking a favourite.

But the weather, I believe gave us an inspiration and we decided on the flavour that could complement this “surprise it’s hot, surprise it’s rain” monsoon. I will give you a hint. The flavour evokes the memory of sitting on the “charpai” (a traditional woven bed) and eating freshly plucked fruit with a spicy condiment. Baskin and Robbins has made the traditional after school fruit snack of Guava and Red Chilli Powder into an ice cream !

Surprised? So were we. But after such a long time we found an ice cream that was not just a mix of sugar and fruity elements. This ice cream is perfect for people who believe that ice cream can be more than just a sweet treat. In fact you can actually find hints of the smoky chilli flavour in the aftertaste mixed with the ice creamy consistency of the guava flavour. The reason we love B&K ice creams is because they are unafraid to test the limits of our palate and I do believe that our favourite “Spicy Guava” is the perfect example of how they deliver on the taste  every time even when your head is mumbling something on the lines of ‘ mad geniuses’.

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