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Jamie’s Pizzeria

Jamie’s Pizzeria – Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden

Ayushi Mathur


Deep dish American styled pizzas have been a major part of our diets since the various fast food chains entered the Indian Market. There are also high end Italian restaurants that serve quality pizzas in Delhi. But for someone looking for simple, rustic Italian food at an affordable price, Jamie’s Pizzeria should be a definite stop. UK’s favourite celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver launched Jamie’s Italian and Jamie’s Pizzeria in Delhi last year. And within a few months a new outlet of Jamie’s Pizzeria opened up in West Delhi, paying heed to the popular demand.


As Jamie Oliver promised, the restaurant offers simple yet delectable Italian pizzas made with the freshest ingredients. The Neapolitan style base of each pizza is made with hand kneaded dough which is prepared thrice in a day. The dough is hand stretched into a thin base followed by pomodoro sauce and fresh vegetables which are layered on top, before the pizza is baked.  A new addition to their menu is the Jamie’s Super Greens pizza, which is a true delight for vegetarians. The thin crust of the pizza compliments the green vegetable toppings and instantly melts in the mouth giving way to the flavours in the herbs and vegetables. For the chicken lovers, the Chicken Alla Diavola pizza is a must have. The pizza is layered with Jamie’s secret chilli sauce and jalapenos that add a spicy twist to it. Jamie’s Pizzeria is one place where every pizza is equally scrumptious and the secret lies in the way their base is prepared.

The menu is not limited to only pizzas. The hand-stretched garlic bread with cheese that comes with the Olive Tapenade is another item on their menu which is not to be missed. All three dips at the restaurant are absolutely delicious and unique but my favourite has to be their secret chilli sauce that goes well with everything. The homemade iced tea on their menu is unlike iced teas at most other joints. It is not only low on the sugar; it also has a strong brewed taste of the tea which I absolutely loved.

DSC_0273For desserts, we tried the seasonal almond tart with vanilla cream which was topped with fresh mint leaves. It was the most beautiful dish to look at and has to be the highlight of the visit. The tart is so soft and fresh that it melts in your mouth instantly and leaves a yummy almond flavour behind.

Overall, Jamie’s Pizzeria is a jewel of a restaurant. It is undoubtedly a value for money and a great stop for some rewarding food.

Anubhav Sapra
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