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By Samridhi Jain

A decade back there was dearth of good hotels in west Delhi, to have a proper dining experience, one had to think and ponder where to go and so, having a good buffet was like a distant dream. But then came in Radisson Blu and brought us two restaurants- Indyaki and Level 2 for Indian and continental cuisine respectively.  I went for the ‘Level 2’ restaurant and it proved to be a ‘foodie’s paradise’, the best thing about it is that through all these years Radisson Blu has been able to maintain its standard in every new branch it has opened. It is known for its high standards and international style and this restaurant is not an exception, the whole place spells of sophistication. It is calm and quiet, just perfect to spend a lovely evening, I enjoyed the amazing buffet, starting from salads to appetizers and then you’ve got soup, main course and desserts.

Trust me when I say that, every single dish was impeccable. Level 2 provides continental food and the salad, one can also make pick and choose the ingredients to be put in his salad dish or go for a pre-prepared and finely presented salad dish, there is good variety to choose from in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. If you’re not in the mood for salads, don’t worry, they’ve got lots of starters to get you hooked up and tempted, the variety in the starters is huge- for  vegetarians, they provide Paneer Tikka , Kebab, crispy babycorn in schezwan sauce, Pizza and Pastas.

The starters and soups are prepared and served though live kitchen which looked really nice and the pizza was hand tossed and freshly baked, although the starters are enough to fill your stomach but only the look of the main course will make you want to overeat. The list in the menu is huge, so much so that you cannot recollect all of the names.

The food went well with the ambience of the place, it was combination of western and Indian decor to make everyone feel welcomed, with its dim lights, it is the perfect dine-out for a couple, family or formal meetings. The light jazz music in the background spices things up as you just want to relax and savour everything that you eat. Also, the service doesn’t let you stop soon- they serve you with sweet smiles and answer all your queries which reflects the knowledge and coherence in the staff, everyone well aware of what are they serving. Everything was up to the mark. In fact, even the cutlery was according to the dishes being served. Last but not the least, the ending part of a great meal is a great dessert, which was truly amazing. They served mud cake, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Orange Pannacotta (sugar free), Blueberry crumble, Kiwi Mousse(eggless), Walnut pudding, Pineapple Halwa and Malai Tikki.

The desserts were for every kind of person- you’ve got eggless for pure vegetarians, sugar free for dieticians who can enjoy dessert without taking in a lot of sugar and whatever you choose to have, feels like a piece of heaven, you can just feast upon all the desserts all night long and you won’t get tired. It’s definitely one time stopover and then you can decide for yourself.

Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.

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