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Mexifornia Festival – California Pizza Kitchen

Mexifornia Festival – California Pizza Kitchen

Ayushi Mathur

DLF cyber city is always bustling with lively cheerful crowd as it offers a variety of choices to the food lovers, ranging from coffee shops to microbreweries to north Indian fine dine restaurants. Out of the numerous options, one particular eatery that stands out is California Pizza Kitchen, serving authentic Californian food. The exciting news is that this month, California Pizza Kitchen has The Zesty Mexifornia Festival on!  The culinary team at CPK has very carefully crafted a special Mexican Menu that features appetizing Mexican delicacies like taquitos, tacos, bean fritters and crunchy salads.

FullSizeRender-9The festival menu also presents some new refreshing beverages from which I tried the peach and apricot margarita. The drink was chilled as it should be and tasted perfectly balanced in terms of flavours. The first appetizer I tried was the Chipotle stuffed chicken wings presented beautifully with fresh lettuce and yoghurt dip. The wings were stuffed with bell pepper, jalapenos and cheese tossed in hot chipotle sauce. However, the wings were not as spicy as I expected. The next item on their menu that I got to try was the Chicken Tacos. The stuffing was coated with hot sauce tossed in garlic and onion, giving it a wonderful flavour. The tacos stole the show and have to be the best dish on their new Mexifornia festival menu.

FullSizeRender-10The Mexican veggie pizza is made with a super thin crust topped with a variety of fresh vegetables. The spicy bean sauce used for the pizza makes it taste very different and unique as compared to regular pizzas. Who doesn’t enjoy a good twist? The unusual taste is the reason I absolutely loved their Mexican veggie pizza. Another thing I tried from the festival menu was the Fajita Fusili pasta that was cooked in a creamy garlic sauce served with garlic bread. In every bite I could taste fresh crunchy vegetables and the cilantro garnish made it all the more delicious.

IMG_4754The meal ended with a very unique dessert called Apple Taquito. This dessert was made with cinnamon spiced apple filling stuffed in flour sheets that were deep fried, served with vanilla ice-cream. The crunchy dessert had a distinctive cinnamon flavour which complemented the sweetness of vanilla ice-cream extremely well.

This restaurant does not just stand out for its food; the staff is remarkably amicable and attentive to the customers. The ambience is minimalistic yet modern with a large seating capacity. Overall, California Pizza Kitchen is an impressive joint and I would definitely visit again!

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