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Mia Bella

Mia Bella

By Tanya Kapoor

It was a perfect Thursday evening and  we had an occasion to celebrate as well!! It was my friend’s birthday and we girls planned to party it out at Hauz Khas Village. We chose Mia Bella- a gastro pub as our destination.

If location is one of the key aspects of a famous restaurant then Mia bella has definitely nailed it. Mia Bella , situated on the top floors of the building opening up to a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake , Mia Bella perhaps has the best view of the lake among all restaurants at Hauz Khas Village. Location here is definitely the winner!

The contemporary interiors are adorned with wall clocks, mirrors, pieces of art such as the classic cupid. The color palette includes balmy hues of yellow, valley green and wooden brown. The menu includes Middle-Eastern, European and African fare.  A large chunk of the dishes are devoted to the Braai cuisine, more commonly known as the South African version of barbecue.

Coming to the food,we ordered for Chicken Peri Peri, Mint Mutton shanks and mezze platter.

With a tangy texture, Chicken Peri Peri was well-cooked and balanced by the delicious accompaniments – a fresh, juicy leaf salad with lettuce, rocket leaves, basil, mint and a vinegar dressing; soft, creamy mashed potatoes with butter and seasoning and garlic bread. The chicken was soaked perfectly in its sauce and gave little reason to think about anything except our next bite.

The second dish, Mint Mutton shanks, was an even match and was served with perfectly fried potato wedges and garlic bread. The meat was tender and a level of ease in its texture. The portions were sizeable and filling.

Beautifully presented, the mezze platter was a treat for our eyes, not so much for our taste buds. The quantity did not justify the price here.

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The portion sizes are huge! Truly for people who are hungry and need a good, filling meal. But it was superb in taste too.You just need to place your order and your order will be served smoking hot on your table. You get variety of ice teas fresh lime sodas and other aerated beverages. So, while I was happy that we have restaurants with such brilliant views , I would call it safe to visit Mia Bella , enjoy a sunset evening , sipping cocktails , beers or other drink of your choice and enjoy the delectable south African cuisine.

Take a bite, close your eyes, eat slow, feel the flavors – is the mantra to be followed in Mia bella .

Overall, Mia Bella is recommended to those certain times when you want to enjoy a brilliant view and sip a quite drink along with good company.

Anubhav Sapra
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