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MONGINIS- from the far away land of Calcutta.

Monginis is a new bakery-cum-fast food café serving some really good dishes at some really really affordable prices. It is quite popular and an extremely celebrated cake shop in Kolkata. It has six more outlets here in Delhi, namely New friends colony, RK puram, Subhash Nagar, CC colony, Gurgaon and Keshav Puram. I however went to C.R Park to try out their menu. The shop is located in D-block, opposite market number 2.

My mother and I have had a few cakes and pastries in the past, from the shop; but we weren’t exactly huge fans of it. However, I think I am going to surely try some more flavours to make a holistic judgment. Monginis also serve savory items like veg puffs, chicken patties, paneer puffs, burgers and pizzas. I recently ate their chicken patty and paneer patty, and the chicken patty was one of the best things I’ve probably ever eaten considering the price. The patty was circular in shape, the filling inside was just perfect. It was slightly sweet, very meaty and seasoned to perfection. And on top of that, it was just for 30 rupees. They also serve a chicken puff which is rectangular in shape and costs 25 rupees. I have had the chicken puff as well; it was slightly on the spicier side, but still quite good. The paneer puff also had a great taste, but I felt like the filling lacked paneer and there was a little too much cabbage. The overall taste was good nonetheless. I would call it good value for money at a modest pricing of just 25 rupees.

All in all, the Monginis’ menu is very tempting as they serve a variety of pastries and snack items for really cheap prices. The cost of the pastries starts from 30 rupees and goes up to 80 rupees. They have some really intriguing pastry options like Zebra Torte, Alpine Choco, Honey Rose, Dutch almond etc. Their donuts are priced at a mere 27 rupees. There are also the red velvet cheesecake and Blueberry cheesecake for those who prefer cheesecakes.
They have a wide range of cookies costing in the range of 50 to 60 rupees. Once again, there are some interesting flavours like the butter shrewberry, honey crunch, jeera etc.

A standard half kg cake at Monginis can range from rupees 300 to 500. The range for 1 kg cakes starts from 600 and can go upto 1000. They serve celebration cakes, designer cakes, inspiration cakes and premiums cakes; so you have a large variety of options to choose from.

But if you ask me, the savory items in this bakery take the cake away. Ironic, I know! 😛

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