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Speedy Chow

Speedy Chow

By Aisha Bhattacharya

For someone who can eat at Mamagoto almost every day – Speedy Chow is a relief for the pocket! The menu is more or less the same, which is great, but it’s the pricing that really makes once smile! Fast, fresh and tasty food. So Speedy and very Chow!

A group of us went over to this little restaurant tucked away in Kailash Colony market. The location is the same spot previously occupied by Ambarsari and Barista before that. Very special to me because I won a contest with Barista at that very outlet a few years back.

tom yum soup (1)

Being one of the two Non-vegetarians in our group I had the pleasure of trying out the meaty stuff. We started with the Chicken Tom Yum Soup (Rs. 140) – hot, spicy and LOADED with Chicken. It definitely hits all the right spots. Just a tad bit too much coriander for my liking but a tasty soup overall.

For starters we had the Crispy fried Chicken with a Hot & Sweet Sauce (Rs. 190) – desperately trying to look like KFC did not help this dish much. I would not recommend it if you’re planning a meal there.

chicken momos - CopyThe Non-Veg Momo Platter on the other hand was a whole different story (Rs. 160 for 6 pcs) – 2 pcs each of Minced Chicken with red pepper, basil & pepper; Schezwan Chilli Chicken with Bell Peppers and Tibetan Style Momos. Lip-smacking platter that I could have eaten by myself! Even though I was a little sceptical when I read the descriptions, they managed to surprise me.

spring rolls veg

For the main course we tried all 3 Thai favourites – Red Curry, Green Curry and Thai Basil Spicy Sauce. With chicken, of course (Rs. 250 each)! The Sticky Rice (Rs. 100) that they suggested went well with the Thai curries. They were all adequately spiced and had soft succulent pieces of chicken that you can’t stop eating.

As an experience – Speedy Chow is the fastest Chinese/Thai on this side of Delhi. The décor says as much. Clean spaces, colourful graphics of Rabbits on the walls. They are rather cute – Rabbits sporting Aviators, Chinese moustaches and bearing cutlery. The identity of the restaurant has been designed by Shruti Shyam and I have to say she’s done a fabulous job in keeping with the fun, quirky look that the other restaurant of this hospitality chain – Mamagoto has.

caramal cake

If you’re ever wandering about in Kailash Colony wondering where to eat, think no further. Just ‘Hop’ in to Speedy Chow for a meal that’s quick on the plate and light on the pocket! They also do Home Delivery so call them at 011-41015260 if you’re feeling lazy to walk over.


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