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Summer Hour MasterClass With Chef Ritu Dalmia

Summer Hour MasterClass With Chef Ritu Dalmia

Bhuvaneshwari Sivakumar,

Food Correspondent

 It was a beautiful Friday evening. And what did Delhi have in store for me this time? Rain. And on this day when Delhi decided to be as whimsical as it could, I happened to be at the right place at the right time – in the posh, upmarket area of Defence Colony, waiting for the Diva herself, Chef Ritu Dalmia!

Chef Ritu Dalmia making the Avocado soup

Held in her very own restaurant Diva Kitsch, which is predominantly modern Asian, Chef Ritu’s Summer MasterClass was one fabulous event! While the guests came in expecting to learn some easy-to-cook dishes by watching the Super Chef in action, the Diva had some other plans in mind – “I want to get their hands dirty as well!” Where we thought we could vicariously enjoy the pleasures of cooking, she placed the ladles in our hands, giving us all a good time. With her simple techniques and unique takes on authentic Asian cuisines, the Chef made it clear that food is to be enjoyed along with guests, not alone in the kitchen making sophisticated dishes that took up the whole of your time!

Burnt Garlic Soya Prawns

Saying “God bless you all!” she began the evening by cooking select dishes from the restaurant’s menu, the first being cold Vietnamese Rolls. She then proceeded to make the Avocado soup with Crab salad. Simple yet titillating to the taste buds, these dishes were easy and quick to make. Busy relishing the taste of her classy dishes, we forgot to address the compliments directly to her. And what did Ritu Dalmia say? “My ego is fragile. Make some noises you guys! Say ‘mmmm’.” Without the pleasantly optimistic aura that she carried around, the event would have been but another cookery class.  The last dish of the session was the Burnt Garlic Soya Prawns. This time around, she invited the guests to make a little something for the rest of us, while she stood aside, watching over like a silent guardian.

Food photography for Diva Kitsch, Ritu Dalmia. Photograph by Anshika VarmaThe hosts at Diva Kitsch then took us over to the Bar area, treating us to some exceptional cocktails. Among the blends prepared for us were The G & Tea, Kitschy Cooler, Rummy Monsoon and the Bloody Beer. Inviting a host of compliments for the hotness of the drink, the Bloody Beer was the most surprising of them all. Bidding adieu to the guests while we were still at the Bar, the Chef left us all good-humored: “I can see where your priorities lie!”

The session then ended with guests enjoying dishes from the Liquid Hour Menu and cocktails at Diva Kitsch!

With a pleasantly soothing ambience and calm, unpretentious music playing in the background, Diva Kitsch is a great place to go to, provided you are carrying a wad of cash in your wallet. Do try their Peanut tarts with Tomato Salsa and the Chicken dumplings!




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