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Barbeque Nations, Jangpura

There is no sincere love than the love for food

And this is precisely the reason I visited Barbeque Nations, Jangpura for dinner, yet again. Loyalty after all is a virtue. I still do not know if it is the glut of wood and open brick wall surface or the crowning blend of American, Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian delicacies that beckons me to come here again and again.

Only this time I had to wait for an entire hour to manage a place to sit, but then the excitement of a splendid buffet waiting to be enjoyed does not fade away so easily, does it? The live grill is something I always look forward to. It empowers you and the hidden chef within to experiment with the sauces and marinades they provide you with.  For starters I was served beautifully done coastal barbeque prawns, which has been my personal favorite. The prawns are cooked to perfection, crunchy as it should be and slight flavor of barbeque will surely not go without relishing. Besides prawns they have chicken satay in peanut sauce and chilly garlic fish to tickle the taste buds. There is a pretty good variety for the vegans also, like they have Cajun spice baby potato, paneer tikka to name a few. If the starters do not fill you up and there is still a desire to eat, they have a buffet too. The buffet comprises the usual  Indian cuisines and if it is your lucky day you might as well find Chinese . The main course is good, but nothing beats their starters. The desserts are to look forward to. They are usually very experimental with the desserts and there is not as such a fixed menu. This time they had my favorite cheesecake for the dessert along with walnut brownie, apple pie, ice creams and gulab jamuns. The cheese cake was so delicious that I actually went to fill up my plate thrice. I just could not stop.

But is it just about food? The first time I came here I was taken aback by their services. The staff is really friendly and very attentive. The head chef is actually taking the rounds of the restaurant interacting with customers and ensuring that everybody’s having a good time. After dinner all of their staff comprising the manager, chef and waiters personally come to the table with a cake, YES  a cake and even sing the happy birthday song for you. It sounds odd and funny but that’s true. Their song goes like ‘CONGRATULATIONS, AND CELEBRATIONS AND A VARY VARY HAPPY BADDAY’. Well however odd it is, it sure makes you feel special. And if that was not enough, they even click a group picture, print it and give it to you in a beautiful cardboard frame. They greet you when you leave, each one of them. This is one of their strengths and they surely believe in making good relations with their customers through these gestures.

A visit to Barbeque Nations, Jangpura is a memorable one always, specifically with a huge group.

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Anubhav Sapra
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