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Charan Kumar’s Punjabi Rasoi Tadka

Charan Kumar’s Punjabi Rasoi Tadka

By Anubhav Sapra

Who likes to queue up to pay bills? Long, sweaty lines, standing and waiting and doing nothing fruitful, none of us, right? But if surviving the long long lines do not prove a waste of time and get you to hog on some amazing food, wouldn’t you just love it? Charan Kumar’s Punjabi Rasoi Tadka is perhaps the reason owing to which people living in and around North Campus do not mind standing in the long queues in front of the TDPPL office.


You will find Charan’s Punjabi Rasoi Tadka right outside the TPDDL office in Hudson Lane. Everyday at 9 am in the morning, a santro halts in front of the government building to satisfy hungry souls of office goers,students and shopkeepers in and around Hudson Lane. The food is mouth watering! The menu includes of Kadi Chawal,Rajma Chawal,Chole Chawal, everything at an affordable price of Rs 30 per plate. To enhance the taste, Raaita for Rs 10 is also served along. The mobile food service enjoys good popularity in the area, you could actually find people waiting for it to arrive and some getting the food packed for the rest of the day. Charan’s Rasoi seems to have a good understanding of its customers and apart from having arrangements for packing the food for an extra price of Rs.5, it also serves it in a very presentable way, teamed up salad and pickles.


All the dishes which he offers are truly delicious.To maintain hygiene, the food is served in disposable aluminum foil tray.

The most popular dish in the menu is Rajma Chawal and owing to its popularity, it finishes up soon. So, if you reach the place post 12. There are hardly any chances that you’d get to gorge on it.

Make sure you visit the TPDDL office sharp at 9 and treat yourself with some amazing north Indian food, a perfect start to a long day at work or college.

Happy eating!

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Anubhav Sapra
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