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The Colony Bistro


With a desire to satisfy my taste buds in a  gloomy, rainy day, I decided to visit Colony Bistro, a quaint restaurant in the fairly super crowded market at Amar Colony.

Not to sound judgmental, I was pleasantly surprised seeing this pretty little joint in Amar Colony which is famous for its roadside food stalls. The exterior is cool and summery, with a canopy overhead and cane chairs and tables. The interior is white and soothing – perfect for sitting over a long conversation and a snack. The menu is quite interesting and there are many options for a quick, snacky meal and all of it tastes good. The restaurant is populated mostly by college students, and service is prompt. The best part about the bistro is that its hygienic unlike most other places in the Amar colony market.
IMG-20130822-WA0003 As our hunger demanded a savory diet, we ordered sausage maggie  which was cooked and seasoned well, although the portion size was small. Next, we ordered smoked chicken grilled burger, the stuffing was good and was not overdone. The extra helping of french fries served with along it added to the taste. The presentation was clever as the burger  was divided into smaller crispier pieces which made it easier for us to eat. The accompanying cold coffee completed the meal, it was blended perfectly-not too strong not too sweet. Apart from these the menu looked quite appealing  from lemon grilled chicken, thin crust pizza to blueberry cheesecake. The food is light and tasteful and it does not pinch the pocket. So head to colony bistro if you are looking for some delicious food and a good time to accompany a peaceful conversation.

Foodie correspondent: Tanya kapoor

Foodie Photographer : Shubhi Kapoor

6th September,2013

Anubhav Sapra
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