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By Sanskriti Nagar

My association with Speedy Chow and Rollmaal did not just begin on the 11th of October when they invited us for their food reviewing but quite before that, since the time their names caught my attention when said on the radio stations. I am sure you would have heard them too and surely would have spent a second at their exclusivity. But they certainly had much more than just exclusivity; they have a purpose, an aim. Let me just brief you through my two experiences. Our first visit was to Speedy Chow, where they presented us with pan-Asian delicacies.

khow suey veg

Being a vegetarian by choice, I’ll be providing insights into the vegetarian platter. In starters we were served Tom Yum vegetable soup and Raw Papaya Salad. Whereas the soup had nicely prepared fresh vegetables, the stealer was Raw Papaya Salad, done in an innovative way; raw flavors and perfect crispness it will surely kick start your appetite. Next we were served with Vegetable Momos platter which had two variants of each style and instantly, Chilli cottage cheese momos became my favorite of all of them. Vegetable noodles and Vegetable fried rice were also done nicely, each prepared to suit the taste buds of the masses. Another favourite of mine from Speedy Chow is the vegetable Khow Suey which will surely make your mouth water merely by its aromas. Don’t miss out on the desserts too, the lava cake is as perfect as it can be and the caramel cake is delicious too.

Speedy Chow was an attempt to serve food to match the lifestyle of today’s generations, serving food for the fast life. Thus, it is most popularly known to deliver food as its name, before you realize, your doorbell rings with hot, appetizing food. Other elements you can’t ignore are the peppy indoors and affordable price ranges. Overall, if you want delicious food at your doorstep when the midnight hunger attacks, speedy chow is the place to contact.

paneer tikka roll

The next great experience was at Rollmaal. Rollmaal promises to give you not just a food experience but also an overall feeling. The ambience just made my day, specially the music and the service of the staff. It is done so perfectly that you feel as if you have entered into a different world of the Rollmallistan. Rollmaal serves in two ways, either you can order from the rolls on the menus or you can get your own roll prepared. I would personally not recommend just one of the various rolls with their more interesting stuffing’s but all, as they are all done with not just lot of innovation but have added a bit of their heart too. My personal favorite from Rollmaal became the Rollmaal Desi mix and Veg Achaari Roll, both of which were rich with flavors and their very original twists. In all, Rollmaal is definitely a must visit again spot for me.





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