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By Prakriti Bhat

We all dream of a getaway place. That place which allows you to get lost in your own world. That place which gives you solace. That place which is a heaven in the middle of nowhere. Shahpur Jaat, well known as the boutique hub is mushrooming with cafes. Ivy and Bean is one of these cafes. What makes it different from others is its buoyant atmosphere and aesthetic décor. This is the perfect place to get snug as a bug (without a rug).

Finding it is a bit hard and you will need a GPS on your first visit. But it is very close to Potbelly Rooftop Café which is quite popular in the area. Hidden in one of the numerous bylanes it is truly a place worth all the effort. You can sit indoors or in the balcony area. I would suggest going for the balcony since it is quite airy and one section has a bookshelf packed to the edge with different genres. So for a book lover like me, this is paradise. In the evening, the place is given a cheery glow by the fairy lights. From this section you can also see the desserts on display and rejoice in the aroma of fresh coffee being brewed. The chairs are vibrant, simply beautiful. Each of the tables has a copy of Ivy and Bean, a series of children’s books.

The café specializes in British and Italian cuisine. Since we were hungry we wanted something that would be quick and wholesome. Therefore, we went for Fettuccine with button mushrooms in a creamy white sauce. Reading the menu further made us even hungrier and we decided to order French Fries with Mustard Mayo which would arrive even quicker. And it sure did. The Mayo was quite different though it may not be likeable to many since it leaves a strong flavor of mustard at the end. The Fettuccine was delicious. No cheating on the mushroom unlike other cafes. The pasta was al dente, just perfect.

IMG-20151220-WA0038Next we tried a Chicken Shepherds Pie. Though I was disappointed by the quantity, it was appetizing. Oodles of chicken and cheese. One can’t ask for more! Every spoonful had cheese oozing out from between the chicken chunks and each bite was divine. To wind up the meal, we ordered a Cappuccino and a hot chocolate. Both were accompanied by a small homemade cookie. The hot chocolate was nothing extraordinary. In fact I felt it was too much milk and less of chocolate. The Cappuccino was average but one bite of the cookie and the sweet taste robs the coffee of its own flavor. Also, it wasn’t as strong as a Cappuccino should be.

Ivy and Bean’s USP is its dreamy and tranquil ambience. It is truly a hidden gem. In terms of food there is still a little scope for improvement. What they really need to work on is service. Slow service has never been a harbinger of success.

Be it a date, family outing or hanging out with friends, the ambience is conducive for all purposes. Get set for a leisurely experience!

Address- 119, Sishan House, Shahpur Jaat

Cost for two- Rs.1200

Contact no.- 01141090119

Anubhav Sapra
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