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The Hippie Trail


By Prakriti Bhat

Delhi has no dearth of fine dining restaurants and cafes. And when it comes to Hauz Khas Village (HKV), it’s the ‘baap’ of all food scenes. From cafes to restaurants and pubs, it has everything. Whether it’s the tiredness after a stroll of the Fort and Deer Park or simple foodie cravings, HKV caters to all your needs. While it is more popular for its vivacious nightlife, HKV also houses some hidden gems like The Hippie Trail which completely change your perception of the area.

IMG_20160326_112928It may be difficult to locate on the first visit since it is tucked away from the main lane. It is in the same lane as Hauz Khas Social; just a few steps further. As soon as you enter, you will fall in love with the place. It has a very chilled out vibe. This is one place in Delhi where you can strut in wearing your most ridiculous PJs and not be judged by anyone. Such a place is bound to become your favourite hangout spot.

Overlooking the tank, The Hippie Trail is a personification of comfort. It has a floor seating arrangement with comfy moda stools and cushions. My favourite spot is the window seat from where one can have a mesmerizing view that soothes the senses. The walls are painted with funky designs that give a bohemian look to the place. The striking dream catcher near the window seat deserves to be clicked). The servers are very genial.

IMG_20160322_110842The menu is quite simple yet full of lip smacking dishes. We went for a Masala Chai to begin our culinary expedition. Unlike popular cafes where the tea is served in tiny little cups, the chai here was served in big tea/coffee mugs. The quantity was heartening. The Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich was the perfect partner to a cup of Masala Chai. Fleshy Mushrooms and oodles of cheese are sure to lift up your spirits with their scrumptious flavours.

I really wanted to have Pancakes but it wasn’t included in the menu. The kind staff made Nutella Pancakes on special request which only goes on to show their congeniality. (P.S. – This was not a Bloggers Meet. The staff was genuinely very accommodating). One plate consisted of two pancakes slathered with a generous amount of Nutella. They were soft, spongy and the Nutella just made it even better.

The Hippie Trail is one of those cafes which become your Portkey to peace. Play board games while sipping on your tea or coffee and indulge in great food with a hearty conversation. Or you could just strike up a random tune on the guitar that they have.

Live, Laugh, Enjoy. That’s The Hippie Trail for you.

Cost for two- Rs. 600 (approx)

Address- Shop 13 A, Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village (near Hauz Khas Social)

Contact No. – 9899203016

Anubhav Sapra
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