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Best Parsi Food in Delhi

Parsi food in Delhi

By Anubhav Sapra

There are only few places in Delhi where one can experience the delectable Parsi Cuisine. However, I believe Mrs. Bagli’s kitchen (at Parsi Dharmashala) to be the one serving authentic Parsi dishes. Mrs. Bagli and her family has been managing the dharamshala since 1950. Her son is the priest of the Parsi temple and her daughter-in-law takes care of the kitchen.

11870891_915747641842451_2974723570395677039_nDelhi Food Walks feels blessed to be celebrating Navroz (for the last 3 years) at Bagli’s Kitchen. And every year, we have witnessed slight modifications in the menu to include some of the new dishes. The menu for this year was Parsi pulao, Dhansak (slow cooked dal), Keema patties (mashed potatoes with minced meat filling), Chicken Farcha (an equivalent of KFC fried chicken, I call it PFC- Parsi Crispy Fried Chicken), Patra fish (fish  coated with a coconut chutney, wrapped in banana leaf and later steamed), Jardaloo boti (lamb cooked with apricots), Kachumbar (salad), lagan-nu-custard (thick mixture of milk and sugar, baked with egg and garnished with chironji and kismish) and Parsi kulfi.

The food is excellent here. What is more fascinating is the warmth and affection with which Mrs Bagli serves the food. You can locate Mrs Bagli’s Kitchen on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, opposite to the Ambedkar Stadium Petrol Station.

The food served at Bagli’s kitchen has to be ordered beforehand. You may place  your order by calling on this number 011-23238615

Navroz Mubarak from Delhi Food Walks!

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Anubhav Sapra
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