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Monsoon Menu at Unplugged Courtyard

Monsoon Menu at Unplugged Courtyard

Ayushi Mathur

Ever since Unplugged Courtyard opened up in Connaught place, it has been loved by all for its beautiful decor and distinctive menu. And just when we thought it couldn’t do better, Unplugged Courtyard launched a completely new Monsoon Menu encompassing a variety of coastal flavours. The Monsoon menu has some exciting appetizers along with mind blowing drinks and desserts.

FullSizeRender-16Monsoons are always pleasant; giving us relief from the scorching heat and Unplugged Courtyard is the only restaurant that celebrates this season with a new exciting menu for its patrons. The drinks on the menu are tantalizing and uniquely presented. I first tried the Fruity Mojito Well which was a beautiful blue drink served in a huge glass bowl with cute multi coloured straws and chopped fruits. Served in a fresh coconut shell, Malabar Mojito was another drink that caught my attention. A cocktail with coconut water and rum, the Malabar Mojito was an absolute monsoon delight.

Stuffed with a generous amount of cheese, the Corn Asparagus Fritters were utterly flavourful and the best among vegetarian appetisers. The Palak Patta Chaat was made with fresh ingredients including crispy spinach leaves topped with curd, chutney and pomegranate seeds.  The non vegetarian appetisers were an absolute delight to the palate. Thrice Cooked Lamb with Hoisin sauce was a crispy lamb based appetiser that had the adequate spice. My favourite was the Banana chicken that had circular disks of tender chicken cooked in sweet chilly onion sauce served with crispy banana chips. The chicken was really succulent and delicious. Another non vegetarian appetiser that stood out was the Monsoon Murg Kebab. I expected the kebabs to taste like any other north Indian kebab dish but these were coated in south Indian spices along with a creamy coconut based sauce.

FullSizeRender-17The desserts were the most anticipated part of the meal as a dish called Cutting Chai Freezer sounded really appealing. The new menu has two very different yet super delectable desserts. The Cutting Chai Freezer was the frozen version of creamy tea with nicely infused flavours of vanilla and cardamom. The pumpkin pie was a soft pumpkin and milk based dessert wrapped in a crispy sheet served with caramelised form of the same ingredients. The pumpkin pie was the highlight of the entire meal for me and I would definitely visit again just for a chance to have it again.

 Overall, the new Monsoon Menu is very enticing and brings innovation to the regular menu option. It is a unique way of introducing new flavours to the North Indian palate and should be given a try!

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