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North Campus v/s South Campus


North Campus v/s South Campus

By Ankita Vinayak

My dear Fuchhas, your induction into Delhi University remains incomplete till the time you do not feel the mid-class blues to munch on the canteen’s chole bhature. Despite all the drama, the admission tension, the heat and the never-ending rat race, one does not miss out on the yummy in their tummy.

“Dude, I have got through Hindu, and you know what? It has some awesome food. The Chole bhature is just out of this world, man!”

“Shut up! Have you even tried JMC ke bhel puri?”

And the battle begins – North Campus vs South Campus!



  1. Chache Di Hatti–(Near MalkaGanj)Chachakecholebhature are absolutely a must. The popularity of this tiny shop can be gauged by the fact that it is heavily crowded and sometimes the shop wraps up before 2 PM. A plate of cholebhature would cost you about 70 bucks which is good for a heavy meal.  And you will come out with a happy tummy J

2.  Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point-Maggi. Slurping already? A plate of Maggi a day, makes one happy and gay.  This joint is well-known for its variety of Maggis, sodas and other snacks that are devoured by hungry students. The cheese masala maggi is one of the most delicious of the lot. A meal for two would cost about Rs. 250

3. Momos Point– And no one can eat just one! No no, I am not promoting Lays; I am talking about the scrumptious juicy momos served at Momos point, located in “Chinese gali”, as the students call it. It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos. This little joint is a hit amongst students.

4. Delhi School of Economics (DSE) Canteen-Known for its Mutton Cutlets and Dosas. D School, as it is popularly known, also houses the famous JP Stall which is a major crowd puller.

5. St Stephen’s Canteen– When talking about good food in Delhi University, how can one afford to miss St Stephen’s ‘cafe’? Students here prefer calling it a Cafe, instead of canteen and they are pretty right in doing so, given the cool ambience and awesome decor. Maggi and Minced cutlets are the most popular among students.



  1. Big Yellow Door (BYD), Satya Niketan – The door isn’t that big. Pun intended. But this place is something really awesome. It’s a hit among the students. From cheesy nachos to BYD’s scrumptious burger, Chocolate Oreo Shake to Pink Lemonade, it’s definitely one of the best places to chill and eat.

2. QD’S-Located in Satya Niketan market, QD’s is one of the most popular eating joints among students. You talk about momos and they will say “QD’s kemomoskhayehaibhai? Top kehai.” Yes, QD’s is famous for its tandoori momos, soups, and chilli potatoes!

3. TAJ CCD-It’s not CCD, its Taj CCD my friend. Café Coffee Day, situated right opposite the elite Taj, is the most famous place for students to bunk their classes and chill here with coffee and some quick snacks. Girls and boys from JMC, Maitreyi, Venky and ARSD are regulars here.

4. Venky’sSouth Indian– Oh! It’s sometimes even better than SagarRatna. No kidding, it’s cheap and most importantly it’s tasty. A plate of vadasambhar can be spotted on each and every table in the canteen.

5. JMC Ke bhelpuri– Street food is what all delhiwalas love. And the JMCites are lucky, for they have a stall right in their college canteen. Bhelpuri and SevPuri, both can be spotted on every second girl’s table. Along with BhelPuri, the college canteen also serves one of the best Iced Tea and samosa, which are quite affordable.


Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.

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