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Breakfast made better with B Natural

We have all felt the tiredness that comes with winter. A good breakfast is not just necessary for our bodies but it’s that motivation I personally need to leave the pillows and blankets that I perpetually find myself wrapped in during these four months.¬† So when I see a tray¬† of lovingly made corn and cheese sandwiches and a glass(or glasses) of juice waiting for me, it makes my mornings nicer.

With the B natural range, that breakfast tray has become exceedingly easier to come by and I have already picked out my favourites from that range: Pomegranate and Guava.

First with the Pom, do you know that is the original forbidden fruit and not apple as the many reinterpretations of Bible will have us believe. Its also one of the biggest sources of antioxidants for your body and has anyone mentioned how good these antioxidants are for your skin especially in the dryness of a cold winter that seems looming on the horizon. Also, to be very honest, who wants the hassle of picking out the seeds of a pomegranate when you can have a tall glass of all goodness.

My second favourite on their list is the Guava. It is made of both Pink Guava and white Guava pulp and together carry four times more Vitamin C than oranges and ten times more Vitamin A than lemons. No doubt it is known as the superfruit in this army of fruits since it also helps the daily absorption of iron in our body. More iron means more blood pumped.

The other thing I am trying is to find healthier ways to party and the B Natural range comes in handy with their array of mocktail recipes. If you haven’t checked out their recipes yet, I am attaching a link to the website. (You and I both know that with the wedding season and the december parties, we are definitely going to need healthier options and maybe even cut down the alcohol levels)