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Kashyap : The evening munching junction

Have you ever been stuck in a situation when you feel hungry but don’t feel like eating much ? That is when you need just a little but tasty snack to munch on. Well, for the people living in Kamla Nagar or nearby areas are lucky enough to have the perfect solution for this problem. “Mr. Sunil Kashyap” has been serving the best snacks to the foodie Dilli wale since 1986.His limited yet so perfect menu includes the drool worthy paneer (cottage cheese) bread pakoda. This dish is made by a slice of paneer along with spiced mashed potato sandwiched between two slices of bread which then is dipped in  batter of besan and deep fried till perfection. This is the most common way in which a bread pakoda is prepared but at this famous food joint this is just the basic step, after this Mr. Sunil Kashyap just adds the right twist to make it more awesome. He adds some tangy spices and tops it with some shredded onion and cabbage and serves this delicacy with two types of chutneys.

Other items on his menu includes Aaloo tikki which is also served with the same twist as  the bread pakoda. This stall is in a small lane in Kamla nagar, which is well known for some famous street food joints including the legendary Chache di hatti. During a small chit chat with Mr. Kashyap he told me about how he never compromises in the taste of the snacks and always serves the dishes quick and warm which proved to be just right as I ordered a plate of bread pakoda  which was served to me in few minutes and as I took a bite of the delicacy, every taste bud in my mouth felt so satiated and delightful.

The thing which adds up to the flawless food to make the place more perfect is the old school FM Radio that plays the evergreens which adds more joy to the environment . Besides everything , in today’s era where street food has so many varieties  and twists, this simple and yet so tantalizing dish stands out to be the perfect solution for our little hunger.


Shop Name : Kashyap

Address : Shop number 17 E , Kamla nagar

Open hours : 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Owner Name : Mr. Sunil Kashyap

Mobile number : 9871126805

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Aslam Chicken: Age old romance of the Butter and Chicken.

What comes to your mind when you think about ‘Butter Chicken’?  A dish from the Indian subcontinent, of chicken in mildly spicy curry sauce? But, have you ever imagined the same dish in a 500 gm slab of melted butter along with some lip smacking marinate of the secret spices? Well, if this sounds tempting enough to you. You should surely try dining at a hidden gem in the chaotic streets of Old Delhi that is the ‘Aslam Chicken’ , a book whose first page was written in the late 90’s  is an age old legacy that has winged up ‘Butter Chicken’ as its specialization, which still amuses the hearts of gourmands from across the country.

Finding this wonder in the busiest streets of Old Delhi won’t be a big trouble for you because of the fame which this place holds proudly due to its year old serving of happiness in the form of most appetizing comfort food. At it’s earliest it was a double storeyed shop which later developed as a 4-storeyed restaurant, even which is not enough to fetch seats for all the customers sometimes. You can see the mouth watering sight of the ‘Butter Chicken ‘being prepared at the entrance of the restaurant. It is a unique combination of chicken cooked over coal pierced through the barbeque rods which are then dipped in a curd like mixture and a massive amount of butter along with a touch of secret spices  which indeed is chose to be kept a secret by the owner and the Aslam’s chefs.

Although, this place offers a limited number of dishes including the famous butter chicken and butter fish tikka which is prepared in a merely same way. It has various branches which are spread all over the city so that they can deliver the happiness at every corner of the capital. This joint works some kind of magic which even melts the hearts of the most health conscious and calorie restricting people to gulp up the fine pieces of chicken dipped in rivers of melted butter along with a whole basket of roomali rotis (thin flat breads made up of atta and maida flour).

The journey that started years ago has come through a great adventure and competition but it still stands tall and proud to quench the thirst of foodies with love hospitality and every ounce of dedication to make their butterly experience as creamy and smooth as their chicken.

Shop Name: Aslam Chicken

Address : Jama  MAsjid , New Delhi

Contact info : +91 9312281022


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SPW Pizza : Serving happiness in the form of slices

Who with pizza covered in loads of cheese and topped with freshly made pizza sauce and toppings is poor? Pizza is not a food but it’s an emotion. This world was blessed with its first pizza in the year 1889 , ever since the  true love for pizza in people’s heart has not faded and in fact it grew stronger with time. When it comes to pizza, what is better than a small roadside stall which offers a huge variety at a low cost ? One such stall resides in the cooks and nooks of Kamla Nagar which is called ‘ SPW Pizza’. It offers a huge variety which includes mushroom pizza, four cheese pizza, paneer pizza, capsicum pizza etc.

During a chit chat with the vendor at SPW Pizza Stall he told how SPW has various branches spread all over Delhi including in Rohini, Ghantaghar, Gtb Nagar etc. This may be not the most heard place to have a pizza but believe me the taste and quantity which this place offers is unmatchable. A perfect crust of pizza is topped with loads of the selected toppings and spicy pizza sauce along with plenty of cheese and of course the oregano and chilly flakes. Your mouth explodes with flavors as you gulp in the first bite of the delicacy which this place offers, first you feel the hotness of the seasoning and then creamy taste of cheese accompanied with the perfect twist of the pizza sauce and the toppings.

Along with the good taste, the service is appealingly fast and flawless. Even if you are not feeling that hungry this place has a solution for that too, the ‘baby pizza’ which is just the right size to satisfy your baby hunger. Apart from the good taste , good service and economical prices they also have the delivery service which is very convenient and worthy.

If you consider pizza as your soul food and posses an endless love for it, this is surely the right place to make your heart , taste buds and stomach satisfied with the delicious and drool worthy pizzas it offers.

Shop Name :SPW Pizza

Address : 23-F, Lolhapur Road, Kamla Nagar , Delhi

Contact number: +91 9540994357