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North Campus Food Joints

North Campus Food Joints

By Prakriti Bhat

Another phase of your life begins as you enter college. Getting into Delhi University is no piece of cake but you made it. Classes have started and you’re getting used to the DU culture. North Campus is the hub of University activities. Allow us to be your food guide through the food joints popular in and around North Campus.


  1. Chache Di Hatti– Want a taste of Dilli ke Chhole Bhature? Well, this is the place where you can get that desi feel of street food. You have to stand in a queue to place your order. The long queues here tell their own story. Meal for two- Rs.150
  2. Shawarma Wala– Located in the lane adjacent to Mc. Donald’s; this place has gained popularity in the last few years. Their shawarmas are a hit amongst the students. Try out their Chicken Shawarma, Paneer Shawarma, Garlic Chicken Kathi Roll and virgin mojito. Meal for two-Rs. 300.
  3. Shake Square– So you are exhausted after a series of lectures and need a quick break. Shake Square is your solace. With an array of shakes and desserts, this is bound to become your best friend. Their Oreo shake and Mocha shake are absolutely delicious. You won’t need to shell out more than 300 bucks for a quick meal of shakes and sandwiches or stuffed kulchas.
  4. Café Youngistan– Theme restaurants are always cool. And this one promises you a pocket friendly meal as well. With jungle themed interiors, this place has gradually become a campus favourite. It could be a fancy pick for birthday treats as well. Meal for two- Rs. 1000.



  1. Kori’s– This one is for those who like to experiment with their plate and palate. Kori’s serves Korean cuisine and is widely known amongst the student crowd. Feast on regional delicacies like Kimbab and their much loved burgers which are quite huge. All this comes in combo meals as well. Cost for two- Rs. 500.
  2. The Vintage Avenue– Go for a trip down the memory lane with this place. The interiors remind you of the simplicity of a bygone era. The food is absolutely delicious ranging from Italian to Indian cuisine. Their pizzas, pastas, Chicken Tikka and shakes are quite famous. Must try their Oreo shake and Kitkat shake. Meal for two-Rs. 750.
  3. QD’s– One of the most famous student food joints. It has branches near both the campuses of Delhi University. One just can’t ignore their huge Tandoori Momos with the delicious green chutney. They also have economical Chinese combos. Again a good place for birthday treats with its funky decor! Meal for two- Rs.600.
  4. Ricos– Walls covered with graffiti and one whole wall dedicated to a bookshelf. Interesting isn’t it? This café offers a wide variety of cuisines like American, Lebanese, Italian, Mexican and what not. Their pitchers, Chicken Stroganoff, pastas and desserts are a must try. Cost for two- Rs. 900.
  5. Wood Box Café– In the lane adjacent to Axis Bank you will find a cottage like café with rooftop seating as well. With colorful and offbeat interiors it gives a very cozy feeling. Their shakes are just awesome, served in neatly cut bottles of Heineken. Also try their Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Chicken Lasagna, Caesar Salad, and Mushroom Sandwiches. Munch away! Cost for two- Rs. 650.
  6. Big Yellow Door– With a cute little tedha medha yellow door as its entrance, this place sure grabs a lot of eyeballs. Warning: there is always a long waiting queue outside so try to book your table in advance. The interiors are quite good and the rates will bring a smile to your face. It’s a nice place for group hangouts. Try their Paninis, cheese bomb burger, cheesy nachos and beverages. Cost for two- Rs. 500
  7. Cent Percent Bakery– One of the most popular bakeries in the area, this place comes to your rescue for ordering birthday cakes. With a mélange of cakes, pastries and homemade chocolates, this bakery is quite a hit amongst the North Campus crowd. Cost for two- Rs. 250.
  8. For God’s Cake– The newest bakery in town, the place is doing quite well. It’s a bakery café so it serves food like pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and pastas, etc. Try their oval shaped pizzas, shakes, red velvet cake, cake jars and cupcakes. Also, it has charming interiors. Meal for two- Rs. 500.


  1. Moets– Located near the Civil Lines metro station this place serves some tasty Chinese food. Prices are a bit on the higher side but it makes for a nice option for occasional splurges. Go for their Manchurian, spring rolls and soups. Cost for two- Rs. 900.
  2. Momos stall outside metro station– The man selling momos has been around for a long time. Joking around with the customers he always has a smile on his face. A large hearted vendor is he who gives extra chutney without creating a fuss. He is one such man! Within 40- 50 bucks you can have a sumptuous plate of momos.
  3. Roll Club– Situated near the petrol pump, this place whips up some of the most appetizing rolls. Paneer roll, Chicken roll, Chicken egg roll, Double egg roll, Chicken keema roll are some of the best here. Meal for two- Rs. 250.
  4. Gulab Singh Tea Stall– This modest tea stall serves the simplest snacks in a humble and loving manner. There is just one long iron bench and table. Enjoy a quiet cup of tea with bun maska or bread. Cost for two- Rs. 50-60

D SCHOOL’S CANTEEN– Perhaps one of the most sought after canteens in North Campus, D School has a lot of options to calm your hungry tummy. Some of their best dishes include Plain Dosa, Mutton Dosa, Chowmein, etc. However, the main adda at D school is JP Tea Stall which is frequently thronged by students to relish Raju Bhaiya’s hot aloo patties, muffins and their famous masala coke.


  1. Coffee House– One of the best and cheapest cafes you will come across. With doughnuts priced at Rs. 20, you are going to fall in love with their cakes, coffees and ambience. You just HAVE TO try their Mud Cake and Iced Mocha. Also check out their breakfast options. They have free wifi too! Meal for two- Rs. 150.
  2. Ama Café– With comfortable couches and Tibetian décor, it’s a peaceful refuge from grueling schedules. Regulars swear by their Tiramisu and Cappuccino. Check out the beautiful Latte art on their hot coffees. Cost for two- Rs. 450
  3. Tee Dee’s– If you want to try out authentic Tibetian cuisine, this is the place you should go to. It is quite pocket friendly and supposedly serves the best thukpa in Majnu Ka Tila. Other mouth watering dishes include chilly potatoes, chilly pork and Singapore noodles. Meal for two- Rs. 900

Have a flavorsome life at DU!


Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.
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Kitchen Tour of KFC

By Prakriti Bhat

What began as a small roadside stand in Kentucky is now one of the world’s largest food chains. KFC has been running strong in India with its delectable menu which caters to the Indian palate too. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, KFC always fits in. However, a lot of care and hard work goes into the delight that you have while munching on their burgers and crispy chicken. KFC believes in complete transparency and thus comes the idea of a kitchen tour. One of the most important parameters for a successful food chain is maintaining hygienic conditions. And one can check this by asking for a kitchen tour from the manager.

Recently, the outlet near Sector-9 Dwarka metro station organized a kitchen tour for food bloggers. I was excited to see how they whip up those fingerlickin’ good dishes. The management is quite particular about hygiene. All KFC staff members are required to wash their hands with an antimicrobial hand wash for 20 seconds following which they have to use a hand sanitizer. The taps are hands free which further prevents any contamination. We went through the same procedyre and after this we were given kitchen caps before entering the main cooking area.

Fresh chicken, 100% farm bred, is used for all the dishes. There were several gigantic fryers, all in the process of frying chicken at a temperature as high as 170°C. They give special attention to veg and non veg segregation with different areas for both and different colour aprons for both cooks. Vegetarian cooks wear a green apron while non vegetarian chefs wear a red apron. Even the walk-in freezer has colour coded handles for this purpose. In the freezer vegetarian ingredients are kept separately and quite far from the non vegetarian ingredients.

20150724_120336For the non veg burgers, chicken is fried on the spot but for vegetarian burgers they use frozen patties which are stored separately. Every batch of chicken has an expiry time. This is specified on a strip of paper attached to the trays. After this specific time, the remaining chicken pieces are disposed off. No two batches are mixed together. We were then taken to the Krushers station. Mr. Amit, who was our tour guide, showed that KFC prepares its own ice and utmost care is taken to prevent contamination. Ice can be withdrawn only after using a sanitizer and wearing gloves. The ice is scooped out using a sanitized scooper.

20150724_115139After the kitchen tour we feasted on dishes from their menu. KFC India has taken care to meet the demands of our ever growing need for change and thus, the inclusion of dishes like Fiery grill chicken, egg wrap and egg burger which are specific to Indian tastes. Fiery grill satiates our craving for spicy food while the egg dishes are in keeping with the large number of eggetarians in our country. Chicken Zinger had a huge piece of chicken sitting lazily between the burger buns. In fact all their burgers and wraps are made keeping in mind a single principle- to use of a large piece of chicken as the filling and not just thin fillets or tiny nuggets. The popcorn chicken is quite popular among the kids for its flavoursome little chunks while the hot and crispy chicken is their signature dish.  Cool it all with their Krushers like Mojito and feel blessed!

You can ask the store manager for a kitchen tour anytime.


Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.
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South Campus Food Joints

South Campus Food Joints

Compiled by Prakriti Bhat

Mithas, Anand Lok- Located bang opposite to Gargi College, this is one place you do not want to miss. A meal costs will cost you around 200 bucks and it’s definitely worth it. Their chilly garlic chowmein, sandwiches and burgers are a huge hit among the students here.

Diggin, Anand Lok- This fairyland is famed for its décor in not just south campus but all over Delhi. The slightly high prices won’t hurt you much given the prompt service, beautiful interiors and unique dishes. When here, ordering zucchini fries is a must. Meal for two- Rs 1200

34 Chowringhee Lane, Satyaniketan– Tracing its origins back to Kolkata, this franchise is known for its absolutely delectable tikka rolls and chicken egg roll. This branch is located right opposite to Venkateshwara College and is thronged by students who rush in for a quick bite. Meal for two- Rs. 300

QD’s, Satyaniketan– The first thing that comes to my mind is their gigantic tandoori momos, popular across the town. A MUST try. Chilly potatoes, chicken sandwich and shakes are some of the widely popular dishes here. It’s always crowded and that speaks volumes about its quality. Meal for two- Rs. 500.

Big Yellow Door- The quirky yellow door is sure to catch your eye. Bomb Chicken Burger, Cheesy Fries, Baked Nachos are some of the dishes students drool over. Don’t get disappointed by the waiting line. It’s worth a wait. You could also reserve a table in advance. Great place for birthday treats. Meal for two-Rs. 500

 Bombay bhel puri wala, Outside LSR- A humble snack of Bhel Puri and Sev puri can do wonders for your rumbling tummy in between classes. Each of these dishes doesn’t more than 20 bucks which makes it an ideal place for grabbing a quick bite. Give in your spice preference and munch away to glory.

High on burgers (HOB), Satyaniketan– Situated opposite to Venkateshwara College, this place specializes in burgers and finger foods. Though the menu is quite short, it provides a wide variety of burgers. Try their Chicken sausage burger and Super Cheesy Burger. Meal for two-Rs. 250.

Idliss, Satyaniketan-This one is for all the Idli-Dosa lovers. The place serves authentic South Indian food with delicious chutney which will leave you asking for more. Rava Masala Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Button Idli are the most ordered dishes here. A sumptuous meal for two will cost around 250 bucks.

Dude food-With a funky décor, Dude Food has a huge footfall. Awaken the dude and dudette in you with their juicy Dude Lamb burger, Dude Chicken Burger and Dude Chicken Pizza. And don’t forget to get clicked with the cool Einstein poster! Meal for two- Rs.700

Al bake, New Friends Colony– known for its lip smacking shawarmas, regulars will often coax others by saying, ‘yeh nahi khaya to kya khaya?’ Quick service and pocket friendly rates make it one of the best places to hog on shawarmas and other delicacies. Meal for two- Rs. 500

Chocolate Square, Satyaniketan– Best place to order birthday cakes and get them customized. Since this is quite close to south campus, it receives a lot of cake orders. It is loved for its desserts like chocolate balls, black forest cake and other pastries. Meal for two- Rs.300

Café 101, Satyaniketan– With a colourful décor and a vast menu ranging from juices to pastas and wraps, this place is a one stop shop for all your foodie desires. With over 30 varieties of pastas and 10 flavours of pizzas to choose from, this should definitely be on your list! Meal for two- Rs.650

Picco Licko, Satyaniketan-So you are done with your meal. What next? Of course dessert! To get some respite from this scorching heat, come here for a delicious scoop of ice cream and waffles. They have loads of variety. Slurp away! Meal for two-Rs. 300

College Canteens-The college canteens have their own gems of flavor. LSR’s café has its own signature dish-Chicken Tikka Rolls. Venky’s Masala Dosa and Idli with their superb chutney and sambar can be seen on many a table in the canteen. Similarly, Jesus and Mary College has it very own bhel puri and sev puri wala, a plate of which reminds you of saddi dilli’s street food.

Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.
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Ghaseeta Pehalwan Pakodewala

Ghaseeta Pehalwan Pakodewala

By Anubhav Sapra

It has been my observation that Pehalwans are generally obsessed with food. And due to this inclination, they turn out to be real food entrepreneurs. Majority of them have opened restaurants and food joints across Delhi. I remember, Pehalwan Lassi Wala in Vijay Nagar, who offers their patrons a big glass of lassi with a thick layer of cream on the top, at just Rs 25.  I used to rush to him after examinations at Delhi University. The Lassi was the only respite from the hangover of reading political philosophers day and night. In addition to its cooling effects, it also causes drowsiness and made me sleep for hours after that.

At Churiwalan, in Old Delhi, Pehalwan’s Changezi Chicken is a well known name. The most famous Butter Chicken Shop in Matia Mahal, Aslam Chicken Corner is owned by Aslam Pehalwan. Another shop owned by a pehalwan in Old Delhi – Ghaseeta Pehalwan sells amazing pakodas. Recently, rains became  an excuse for me to visit the pakoda shop to savour some Kalmi Vada Pakoda.

IMG_5390Making one’s way through Paranthewali gali, one can arrive at the junction called Tiraha of Gali Paranthewali, Nai Sadak and Kinari Bazar. There, at the corner of Gali Heeranand is a small shop which tends to attract everyone with the delectable aroma of freshly made pakodas. The shop is famously known as Rajesh Pakodewala where the portrait of Ghaseeta Pehalwan in his traditional attire hangs on its wall. He is the third generation owner of the shop. His grandfather, 70 years ago, was the purana ghaseeta pehalwan. Interestingly, he started a new venture along with his wrestling profession, which was the pakode ki dukaan.

IMG_5389I tried moong ki dal ke pakode and kalmi vadaAlthough the chaat of Kalmi Vada can be found at many chaat joints in Old Delhi, the kalmi vada pakoda is quite rare to find. All the doubts are laid to rest right from the first bite. It is prepared using urad dal, ginger, green chillies, black pepper and other important spices. Kalmi vade ke pakode are made from chana dal. You also get amazing mix pakodas, stuffed with aloo or gobi, at Rs 20 per plate.

The pakodas are served in a dona with dhaniya and amchur chutney and aloo ki sabzi, with a heady aroma of heeng. Heeng is widely used as a substitute for Onion in Old Delhi. So, the ingredients at Ghaseeta Pehalwan’s shop include no onion, no garlic. The pakodas were crisp and fried to perfection. The batter of chickpea flour with spices was a perfect concoction that can be relished at the Pehalwan’s shop.

If you know any food joint owned by a wrestler or a pehalwan, do write to us at


Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.
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The Vintage Avenue


By Prakriti Bhat

For me the word ‘vintage’ existed primarily as a photo filter in different photo editors. But when I visited ‘The Vintage Avenue’, I actually realized its true meaning. After the super success of Woodbox Café, its makers launched ‘The Vintage Avenue’ in December, 2014. True to its name, The Vintage Avenue promises to be your faithful time-machine as the decor takes you back in time to the golden epoch of music, cinema, and entertainment. A completely new world awaits you at the end of the stairs to this place. It stands tall and proud, spread across two floors.

The stairs are flanked by artificial flowers and pictures which stand as relics of a bygone era. The seating arrangement takes care of different moods and occasions. On the first floor, one section is decorated in a very cozy manner; perfect setting for dates or intimate conversations as it is separated into 3 small compartments. In this section the walls are decorated using artificial foliage to make it look like a patterned ivy growth. It’s beautiful! The walls are adorned by posters of famous and critically acclaimed movies in a very aesthetic manner. The second section is designed, perhaps for bigger groups of people with cushions on the floor. The third section is the regular table chair arrangement but bigger than the compartmentalized first section. The highlight of the second floor is the collection of vintage clocks that ornament the main wall. The hanging lanterns give a very oriental look to the place while the artificial flowers, leaves and plums add a touch of naturalism.

20150710_165224Living up to Woodbox Cafe’s legacy, the food here is absolutely delicious. Spaghetti Aglio Olio tastes just like the one at Woodbox; it’s brilliant and perfectly seasoned. The Wood-fired momos are absolutely delicious, quite unlike any of the momos I have had till now and the Chicken ones have a liberal filling and are very juicy. They are a bit crispy at the ends but hot and juicy from within. The pizzas have a crunchy crust and mouth watering toppings. Both, the vegetarian and non vegetarian pizzas are a blessing to your taste buds especially the Pepperoni Picante Pizza. The abundant cheese just melts in your mouth. Their Wood-fired Pizzas, Dahi ke Kabab and American Platter are the most ordered dishes here, loved by all.

20150710_171532The Caesar Salad is good but not the best. I wish it had more dressing. You must try their Lehsuni Murgh Tikka. The chicken is succulent and impeccably grilled. They have a lot of options in beverages. The Ferrero Rocher shake is a personal favourite. It’s a bit frothy and rich in chocolate. The Virgin Mojito has just the right amount of mint unlike other restaurants where mint dominates the drink. All drinks are served beautifully in glass jars. Also, do try their hot coffees, they are good. Especially during one of the mornings in Dilli ki Sardi; sitting in those cute ivy compartments and having a cup of coffee is just a delight. Whatever you order, rest assured it will be served well. Presentation is top notch, just like in Woodbox Café with drinks being served in jars and the dishes served with the requisite sides.

The place also has a separate gaming zone. Manika Jagdish Pahwa, co-owner of The Vintage Avenue says, “I value my team a lot and I am incomplete without Puneet Khurana who is an interior designer with me at Divine Spaces and part of all endeavours i.e. Wood Box Café and The Vintage Avenue, and my younger brother Arpan Jay Pahwa who initiated the idea of coming up with such chic cafés which were definitely need of the hour. We plan to take The Vintage Avenue in other areas of Delhi as well.” Another good thing about this franchise, apart from the down to earth rates is that they strive for the best and rush to make amends if you are not satisfied with the service.

So go retro @ The Vintage Avenue!

Address- 2516, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar

Contact No. – 01147071594

Cost for two- Rs. 500

Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.
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By Prakriti Bhat

Coffee is the gasoline of life. For most of us, life begins after coffee. Le Meridien recently organized a Coffee Week from 22nd-28th June covering seven countries and exploring their coffee culture. 26th june was the date set apart for India. Going by the spread they had for us, they sure took their research seriously. From Latte art to coffee mocktails, they had it all. Coffee inspired artwork and sketched coffee cups set the mood for the event. Add to this, beautiful paintings by acclaimed artists and you have an evening of fun.

20150626_182607The opulent interiors of Le Meridien and the aroma of coffee give you an ethereal experience. The event co-organised by Palette Art Gallery had something for everyone. There was latte art where the barista created beautiful designs right in front of us. These were local designs of a peacock and the number five in numeral and devnagri script, marking the fifth day of their tour. Also, they served small coffee shots with a dash of cardamom. One the opposite side was a counter where you could make your own éclairs, kind of éclair art! Chef Divyank taught us how to fill the éclair shell and then decorate it as we like while Chef Vikas talked about the various flavours used for the éclair filling.

The famous French pastry, Éclair was prepared in various flavours. It was a perfect amalgamation of Indian and French cooking with local flavours like Darjeeling tea, jaggery and rose being incorporated into this popular delicacy. This led to four different flavours being presented at the event- Darjeeling Express, Rose and the classic ones like chocolate and vanilla. The Coffee mocktails came in three flavours- African Queen, Arabian Sunset and Spice trail. African Queen had banana as its dominant flavor while Spice Trail had a strong taste of cinnamon. Arabian Sunset was the only mocktail which had a perfect blend of coffee and the other ingredients like honey and cocoa powder. With so much of coffee and sweet éclairs, your taste buds definitely need a change. There were other snacks like croissant shaped sanwiches, salmon bagels and spicy tartlets. The spicy tartlets were like a westernized version of our Aloo Chaat, only with smaller potato cubes.

The organizers seemed to have done a thorough research in looking for local flavours to be integrated into the dishes and mocktails. They did their homework and they did it well! This effort was visible in the unique products that came out of all the trials and eerrors. Where else could you have got a Darjeeling tea flavoured éclair and a cardamom or cinnamon flavoured coffee mocktail? These ingenious ideas are worth appreciating.

Feel anything? Yes, that’s coffee calling out to you! Brew yourself some happiness!

Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.