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Delhi’s first ever Robatayaki Festival

Robatayaki Festival @ b- bar

One of the perks of being a food writer is that you get invitations to taste the food of different countries at famed restaurants in Delhi. Recently, I got an invitation to try Delhi’s first ever stand alone Japanese Robatayaki Festival at b-Bar at SelectCity Walk, Saket. 

Robatayaki is one of the most popular techniques of cooking in Japan. It literally means “fireside-cooking”. This cooking technique is similar to that of a barbecue where food items are placed on skewers or iron griddles and are then slow-grilled over hot charcoal. This technique is further shortened and is famous as Robata, the original, traditional Japanese style of barbecue prepared in front of customers and is served directly, similar to the Sushi preparations and presentations.

The cooking procedure is highly engaging and guests can choose from the carefully selected seasonal vegetables, seafood, poultry and meat from Robata section. Chef then delicately grills the guest’s choice with glaze to utter perfection.

In Indian cuisine, the fish or meat is marinated first, later grilled and served with chutney. In Robatayaki, no marination is required, rather the sauces and dips are served with the grilled dish, says Chef Richard. It thus gives an option to try different sauces based on the guest’s taste preferences. 

IMG_20150912_144402Some of the choices of glazes and sauces are Gambaba (Lemon leaves, oil, lime juice, chili), Lemon herbs (Lime juice, fresh herbs, olive oil), Teriyaki (Mirin, soy & sugar/spices), Yuzu Chimichuri (Onion, garlic green chili, coriander, yuzu juice), Ponzu (Soy, sake, yuzu juice, mirin, sugar), Angry sauce (Yoghurt, siracha, cream, togarashi), Yakiniku (Light soy, mirin, sake, yuzu juice, green apple), Miso Mayonnaise (White miso paste, mayonnaise, chili flakes). Out of all, ChimiChuri was very close to the Indian coriander chutney. 

I tried Robusuta (rock Lobster), Janboebi (Jumbo Prawns), Akachan no niwatori (baby chicken), Niwatori no muneniku (chicken breast), and Zukkini, Akami ( barramundi fish). The most expensive dish on the menu is Ramuchoppu (lamb chops) priced at INR 2455. The manager informed us that the lamb chops are imported from Australia and that adds to the cost. The other dishes are in the range of INR 300 to INR 1500. The menu offers a mix of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

The festival is on till 30th September at b-Bar, Lobby D, 4th Floor, SelectCityWalk Saket.

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