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This Maggi has more to it…

Are you among those who are obsessed about maggi?  If your staple food during school was maggi then “FYI! IT” MAGGI” is just the right place for you.  Situated at Bungalow Road,  FYI is the latest addition to the scores of popular Maggi points situated in North Campus, Delhi University.

This cozy little maggi lounge with its bright yellow and red walls, low height tables placed on dices is not only visually appealing but also the coolest place to hangout with friends. FYI has not only added new flavours to maggi but has given it a whole new meaning. It offers maggi in 15 different avatars each accompanied online casinos by whacky names such as LOL, OMG, BRB, TTYL, WTF etc. WTF is a crispy, crunchy chinese bhel a treat for your taste buds.OMG! Is a creamy, saucy, cheesy pasta a must have for all the pasta lovers. But the king of all avatars of maggi is PS*(a platter of tangy maggi kebabs. Post script: You”ll love it). Crispy on the outside and spicy, juicy and tasty on the inside…this yummy kebab will linger in your mouth even after you have taken the last place and will leave you craving for more.

The pricing has been done keeping in mind the college crowd so the food is available for as low as Rs.25 to highest of Rs.65, so it does help reduce the guilt of consuming so many calories.

With great flavours, quick service and approachable staff FYI is a must visit for all the die hard maggi fans, so the next time you get that maggi craving dont go the conventional way come to FYI and get an absolutely happy MAGGI experience:)

TY (thank you) FYI for reinventing and adding new flavours to our favourite childhood snack

Surabhi Baksi ( foodie correspondent )

Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.

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