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Play With your Drinks

April 19th, 2014

Play With your Drinks

By Aisha Bhattacharya

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 Hello Boozy Birds,

I love impromptu invitations to tastings of new drinks menus (alcoholic). I mean, who doesn’t? I was fortunate enough to have received a fun invite to Mamgoto in Khan Market last evening. Now, when someone tells me to play with my drink, I’m not quite sure what to make of it? Because we were told as children not to play with our food, so this concept unsettled me.

I reached at 7 pm and was sent to a table reserved for a Bloggers meet at the terrace. I was the first person to be seated and had to wait for all the other fashionably late Delhiites to arrive. The event started at about 8 pm. One of the Co-founders Rahul Khanna introduced himself and the concept of ‘Play With Your Drinks’. Mamagoto will let you be your own bartender for the night, bringing out the hidden mixologist in you. This interactive bar allows the consumer to choose from a massive spread of alcohol, mixers, glassware and garnishes to help you make your own unique Cocktail. The best part is you even get to name your cocktail. Hence, the Play part of the theme for the evening.

We were divided into teams of two and each team had to make a cocktail. Rahul was watching every step of what alcohol base we used, whether a fresh fruit was being used or just Monin’s syrup, if we used herbs in correct combinations and how the drink was served. He then tasted each drink and scored each team. A winner was announced at the end of the event and the two boys who won got a Goodie bag each of Mamagoto merchandise.

Rahul Khanna is a Mixologist and spent the better part of the evening helping the rest of us get acquainted with what goes into making combinations while mixing drinks. For e.g. Don’t use crushed ice in a shaker as it dilutes the drink, when you muddle ingredients don’t transfer them to another glass but make the drink in that one itself and other such important tips. I noticed everyone listening eagerly while eating huge portions of their dinner that followed. Anything I say about their food, doesn’t do it enough justice. I just know that when in doubt, a bowl of Chicken broth for the Hungry Soul can do wonders or some Rock Shrimp Tempura with a couple of chilled beers on a warm sultry evening will hit all the right spots.

An exciting concept for those who don’t want to drink a cosmopolitan or an LIIT every time they go out, ‘Play with your Drink’ gives you the opportunity to think out of the box and have whatever combination comes to mind, provided they have the ingredients. The only downside being that if the drink tastes terrible, you only have yourself to blame. So, be wise while playing with your drink and have a good evening for just 315++ per drink! If you’re not feeling too adventurous and want to play it safe ask the in-house mixologist to create something for you or order a Cinnamon Whiskey Story pitcher and watch others make newbie mistakes. So bring a couple of friends and come ‘Play With Your Drinks’ at Mamagoto.

You already know what to do on Facebook so take photos of your drink and tag them. Also on Instagram – @MamagotoFunAsian or Twitter – @MamagotoFun. You could also use their hashtag #mamadrinkup




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