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Anna Cafe

Anna Cafe

Anna’s Cafe

Who knew that a tiny stall called Anna’s Cafe has been parked outside NIFT for 16 years? For 16 years Anna has been selling lip-smacking South India food at the most affordable prices ever. He has been saving us one hunger pang at a time.

For all the vegetarians this is a must try place and for all the ‘Tuesday’ believers like me this can be your ‘go to place’.

My personal favourite is The Vadas. No other place can balance the exterior crispiness and the inner softness of a Vada like Anna. I know it’s hard to believe considering it’s a small time ‘thela’ but that is the exciting aspect as well.

Unlike other dhabas or thelas, Anna doesn’t serve in recyclable plates (well you can ask for one if you want). Instead he serves the Vadas and the idlis in a bowl with a ‘topping’ of sambar and coconut chutney. The dosas are made right in front of you and served hot so that you can dive right in.

Although there isn’t much variety at Anna’s Cafe, there will always be one dish which shall become your personal favourite. To top it all you get to experience this for just Rs.30. Like I said he is a superhero.

If you want to be a part of this 16 year old legacy, head on over to NIFT near Hauz Khas market and Green Park Metro Station. Hope to see you folks soon!

Pramiti Sapru

Foodie Correspondent

P.S- You can always ask for extra coconut chutney. Anna never says no 😀


Anubhav Sapra
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