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Wendy’s is in Town

By Shreya Chowdhury

Wendy’s, one of the world’s largest restaurant brands, is finally arriving in India, in Gurgaon Sector 29, on 6th May, 2015. We got a little sneak peak on 3rd May in a Bloggers Meet Event.

 If you love good quality food which does not burn a huge hole in the pocket, Wendy’s is the place to go.  The little bit extra that you might be paying; it would be for the overall experience.  No more standing in long queues, waiting for your paper-wrapped burgers. Now, you will be served in porcelain with proper cutlery on your table via a table locator.  The urban décor, the attentive staff and the ambience enhances the entire burger-eating experience.

What sets Wendy’s apart, is not just their delicious square-shaped burgers, but also the variety.  Their vegetarian menu is extensive, ranging from the spicy aloo crunch to the Ultimate Paneer.  That does not mean the non-vegetarians are left out. Wendy’s offers all kind of choices for meat-lovers as well, from chicken, chicken with bacon to mutton burgers. Hence, at Wendy’s, you are spoilt for choice!

double baconatorFor hard-core non vegetarians, their double-baconator is ultimate bliss! Two layers of perfectly cooked chicken patty with a generous helping of bacon along with two slices of cheese, explode in the mouth, creating magic.  The bacon gives it a slight crunch. The meat, the cheese and the sauces together make a great combination.  They also have the Jr.Chicken, the chicken cheese melt, the classic chicken, smoky chipotle, the ghost chilli, the barbeque bacon club, which are all delicious.

For vegetarians, they have chilli cheese melt, spinach n’ corn, cheese mushroom, paneersalsa, ultimate paneer. For people who like to experiment, the Greek Falafal is a must-try. The combination of crunchy peas patty, pickle, tomato and tzaziki sauce is simply wonderful, making it a nice and tangy mouthful. However, the star of the menu is the Spicy Aloo Crunch.  Baby potatoes crushed with the skin on and fried, along with spicy sauce, onion and coriander, it is a storehouse of flavor.  It is Crispy! It is Juicy! It is Spicy! It has everything you want in a burger. They say all good things come in small packages. This burger is the best example.  Do not go by its looks. It is absolutely lethal!

Wendy’s sides are also very nice. The chicken chilli is delicious.  It is a signature dish, made of beans, minced chicken, and coriander. It is spicy and full of flavor. The bacon and cheese fries are also good. The natural cut fries, crispy bacon and melted cheese make a good combination.  Wendy’s also has salads, the Paneer Pesto Salad and the Chicken Ranch Salad.

The food journey at Wendy’s ends on a sweet note, with their Banana and Caramel Frosty. Creamy vanilla ice cream, with caramel sauce and a nice banana flavor makes it a perfect ending to a lovely meal.

greek falafal         banana and caramel frosty

Anubhav Sapra
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