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Cafe Dalal Street

Cafe Dalal Street – M Block Connaught Place

                       -Ayushi Mathur

Interiors-249 copyIn some respects, Cafe Dalal Street is the most exciting opening to hit Delhi this year. As the name suggests, the restaurant presents a unique way of serving drinks ranging from cocktails to smoothies. The price of each drink is based on a demand and supply model. The higher the demand of a drink, higher is the price and vice versa. With hundreds of cafes coming up each year, the sensex based pricing of drinks at Cafe Dalal street definitely ousts the monotony. It is not only the pricing that is different; the bar also has some unusual cocktails to offer. One of the drinks that caught my interest was The White Wine Zing Spritzer, a concoction of white wine, gin, peppers, jalapeno and strawberries. However outlandish it may sound, this drink is undeniably a treat for cocktail lovers like myself.

Chicken-Gol-Gappa-1Not to worry foodies, this place has got your interests covered too. Cafe Dalal street head Chef, Mr. Hemant Kumar has crafted an enticing multi-cuisine menu that brings an extraordinary range of finger food to the table. The idea behind the food was to give the customers a fun menu to go with the drinks and my experience was definitely amusing. I started my culinary adventure with Butter chicken golgappas, which being an original  creation combines the everyday street food with north Indian all time favourite butter chicken. The traditional potato stuffing is substituted with diced chicken chunks served with tangy butter chicken curry and this appetizer is simply ambrosial. I also had the chance to try wasabi prawns and jalapeno poppers. The jalapeno poppers are stuffed with an admixture of Cheddar and Gouda cheese along with jalapenos and olives. The poppers are served with sweet and spicy salsa containing honey which gives it a unique flavour. The wasabi prawns were the right balance of crispy and soft. Even though, it is always difficult to find fresh seafood in a non-coastal city like Delhi, the prawns served at the restaurant taste incredibly fresh.

The allure of this joint does not end with food and drinks. The staff is extremely amiable and alert to the needs of the customer. The ambience of the restaurant is very welcoming as well. The cafe is lit with dim orange-red light and the music is not very loud in the sitting area, working well for a perfect lunch or dinner conversation over drinks. If all this doesn’t excite you already, let me tell you that this is one of the few places in Connaught Place that also has a dance floor.

Cafe Dalal Street is a place that truly gives you the 100% feeling. The ambience is good, the food is great and the concept is exciting and so this joint will definitely be on top of my recommendation list to anybody looking for a fun experience in Delhi.

Location: M-89/90 M Block, outer circle, Connaught Place

Cost for two: INR 1000

What to look out for: The new limited summer menu that includes refreshing dishes with ingredients like mango.



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