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By Prakriti Bhat

Hyatt has been serving its patrons since years. One of the reasons people keep coming back is their unmatched hospitality and high quality service which makes every experience at Hyatt truly memorable. Luxury at its best seems to be their motto. With aesthetic interiors and a genial staff, Hyatt has the best of everything, be it their restaurants, gym or swimming pool. Their Chinese restaurant, The China Kitchen recently launched their new menu and it is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

DSC_0005-2Now a lot of people claim to be aficionados when it comes to Chinese cuisine. Our taste buds are accustomed to the spicy chowmein and chilli potatoes from the local Chinese van, since childhood. But sadly, that isn’t the true taste of China. Chinese dishes cooked by the local vendors are laden with oil and Indian spices which led to coinage of the term Chinjabi, meaning a hybrid of Chinese and Punjabi cooking techniques and flavours. However, a trip to The China Kitchen will introduce you to authentic Chinese cuisine which will leave you mesmerized.

The interiors are very elegant and the soothing music sets the mood for an exquisite meal. Chef Jack Aw Yong brings the flavors of China to your plate with his expertise in the cuisine. Each table was set in a traditional Chinese way with a deep dish kept over a plate which could be used for keeping the chopsticks or discarded bones, etc. I started the meal with a unique mocktail prepared with a concoction of ginger, orange and mint. The overall flavour was a perfect harmony of all the three ingredients which actually have their own strong and distinct taste.

DSC_0024Among the appetizers, my favourite was definitely the Sichuan Chicken Salad. Long shreds of Chicken mixed in a spicy and savory Sichuan sauce is a great option to whet your appetite. Next, there was a round of several varieties of dimsums. Each of them had a thin (almost transparent) covering and was packed with a whole lot of filling. Both, the veg and non veg variants were equally pleasant. The Crab Claws are something that should not be missed. A crunchy exterior holds together the crabmeat which is brilliantly cooked. Try it with one of the 4 sauces present on each table; it makes for a great combo. Another favourite of mine were Shrimps rolled in Bell Peppers. Tender and succulent Shrimps wrapped in a blanket of bell peppers made for a great amalgamation of flavours and textures.

Crispy Prawn with sautéed veggies like spring onions and bell peppers is a task to cut through, but worth all the effort. The Chicken Puffs were exceptional in conception- minced Chicken stuffed in puff pastry dough. It was beautiful but I felt it to be a little bland and dry. The Main course included Noodles, Sticky rice, Stir fried pork and vegetables in Oyster sauce. Each of these dishes was cooked extremely well. The sauces were not overused and the chef ensured that none of the vegetables were overcooked. The pork, especially, was cooked brilliantly. Usually it is undercooked and the texture becomes chewy but the pork served here was quite soft; a welcome change. The Dessert platter included an array of toothsome delicacies like tarts, cigar rolls, fruits, Ice cream and chocolates. The coconut cigar rolls were irresistible.

Dining at China Kitchen is a great way for those uninitiated to the cuisine to get a glimpse of the real flavours of China. There’s more to Chinese food than just Soy sauce and Vinegar. Hop on this delectable ride to get a taste of the Orient!

Address- Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Cama Place

Cost for two- Rs. 4500

Contact No.- 01126791234

Anubhav Sapra
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