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-by Shailaja Das


A trip to the Janpath market is incomplete without a stop at the famous Depaul’s for a bottle of cold coffee. Shopping at Janpath for cheap good quality products is an exhilarating but exhausting experience. It leaves you dehydrated and famished. But don’t you worry, Depaul’s is right there to your rescue. The outer part of the shop serves snacks and cold coffee while the inside of it caters to your hot cofee (which is as good as the cold coffee, if not better) and cosmetics needs

Depaul’s was established in the early 50s and is probably one of the oldest shops in the area. Over the years it has carved out for itself a niche in the hearts of those who have an eye for specialties. It often hosts reminiscent old timers who are either just stopping by or have brought their children, and even grandchildren, to taste the best cold coffee in the entire city. It’s not just the taste that is unique, it’s also the way it’s served to you. Depaul’s serves you the cold coffee in cute 200 ml bottles with a straw which give an entirely different feel to the whole experience.


Their most popular cold coffee flavour is the hazelnut and is priced at a modest price of forty rupees for a bottle. In fact, their USP is “accessibility” – all their cold coffees and snacks are priced between 30-45 rupees. The complete menu has various items like burgers, sandwiches, rolls, salads and momos, besides few delicious flavours of cold coffee of course. A must try is the newly introduced grilled sandwich. Couple it with any cold coffee of your choice and make yourself a very economic and scrumptious meal. Enjoy your post shopping lunch!

Anubhav Sapra
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