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Join the Olive Oil Revolution

Join the Olive Oil Revolution

It is a known fact that Olive Oils are one of the healthiest oils in the world. They are rich in antioxidants and beneficial substances and have high nutritional value. They even help prevent and fight against many diseases. To launch the revolution, celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor joined hands with Nutritionist Seema Singh and showcased the benefits of cooking with Olive oil.

Olive Oil is ideal for cooking, be it Indian or continental, and even in the preparation of salads and desserts. Its ability to resist high temperatures makes it easier to create a thin, golden and crunchy coating, which prevents the food from absorbing oil, keeping it juicy and appetizing. This feature makes it ideal for cooking Indian dishes without changing the taste and texture of the dish.

Chef Kunal Kapoor at Join the Olive Oil Revolution says “There are many reasons for joining the most delicious and the healthiest revolution in history! A revolution that began thousands of years ago and that has reached us today to give a new, delicious touch of flavor to all our favorite recipes will help us discover more such recipes.”

Nutritionist Seema Singh says “During a child’s first years, the energy requirement is very high. Some of the energy consumed comes from fat, either in milk, essential in childhood, or from other types of fat. Olive Oil is one of the most healthy Oils, it is rich in antioxidants and beneficial substances, it has a high nutritional value and helps prevent and fights against many diseases.

Olive Oil better withstands high temperatures and is very stable due to its Oleic Acid. Any oil, unless it has a very strong flavor is suitable for Indian food. And Olive Oils don’t have any distinct flavor of their own, so is ideal as a cooking medium for all kinds of Indian foods. It helps in retaining taste along with fresh. If used regularly, the consumption of monounsaturated fats that lowers cholesterol will help prevent cardiovascular diseases and may reduce the risk of some cancers. Therefore, it is recommended to use Olive Oil for Indian cooking.

Chef Kunal Kapoor with Nutritionist Seema Singh promoting Oilve Oil revolution Cooking session with chef kunal kapoor

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