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By Prakriti Bhat

I remember, as a kid, the only condiment that fitted with every kind of food was ketchup. I am not very fond of tomatoes but a veg cutlet or stuffed bread would be incomplete without tomato ketchup. Kissan has been a leading ketchup brand, spreading smiles since 1933. The company has a huge fan-base amongst children who swear by their jams, squashes and ketchups. Since ketchups are not very spicy, they compliment kids’ meals. Now, Kissan has launched two new flavours-‘Chilly Tomato’ and ‘Sweet & Spicy’ to tingle your taste buds.

What happens when two popular brands come together? They conjure a heavenly combination which has the best of both worlds. Kissan and Pizza Hut join hands to bring to you ‘The Ultimate Big Pizza’ spiced by Kissan Twist, which was unveiled at their Connaught Place branch. It is BIG in size and high on taste. And the best part-it is priced at a decent rate of Rs.199 for vegetarian pizzas and Rs. 249 for non-vegetarian pizzas.

The event began with several interactive activities. Head Chef at Pizza Hut, Arjyo Banerjee demonstrated how a pizza is actually made and we got a rare opportunity to create our own pizzas! The next activity required people to be blindfolded and then identify different ingredients/toppings using their sensory organs. Chef Arjyo kept up everyone’s spirits with his jovial demeanour. It was a fun filled session.

The meal began with an array of drinks. Orange Spritzer was a rejuvenating cooler. It tasted a bit different from the regular drinks with the soda bringing a whole new element to it and had a citrus flavour. Other drinks included Masala Lemonade, Mojito and soft drinks. This was followed by a round of starters including different types of garlic bread. Pizza Hut is well known for its mouth watering, cheesy garlic bread. They, quite successfully, ‘twisted’ the regular garlic bread recipe by topping it with slices of chicken salami, staying true to their ‘ultimate twist’ theme.

20150613_130544What makes The Ultimate Big Pizza different? First of all, the crust is thinner than their widely popular Pan Pizza and enhances your experience since the focus is shifted from the base to the toppings and sauces. One bite into this delicious pizza is enough to lift your spirits. Moreover, the new Kissan sauces lend a tangy flavor to the pizzas. The vegetarian version of The Ultimate Big Pizza is blessed with generous toppings like paneer, corn, onions, olives and jalapenos while the non vegetarian version is topped with chicken keema, chicken sausage chunks, capsicum and paprika. These pizzas will in fact suit the children’s taste buds since they are not extremely fiery as the sauce maintains a balance of spices.

The meal came to a pleasing end with their chocolate dessert. Layers of chocolate sponge cake and whipped cream; it couldn’t get better than this! It looked bewitching as they used choco twisters to decorate the dessert. In fact, presentation of all the dishes was par excellence.

I know where I am heading this weekend. Do you?

Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.