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Brahmputra Market Street Food

Brahmaputra Market : the combination of chalk and cheese

By Priyanka Sharma

Brahmaputra Market, situated in Sector 29, Noida perceived as the “mini Chandni Chowk” by many is the quintessence of a food paradise. A large number of street food vendors dot the market place, so that you cannot step out of the area without pleasing your taste buds. This place is never without people at any point of the day. So if you are in a mood of munching something? Or not? This place is definitely going to get you spoilt for choice.

BP, as people call it in short, satisfies all sorts of cravings and serves a variety of food, be it spicy, tangy, sweet, hot, cold, frozen, healthy, unhealthy, north Indian, south Indian or Chinese, the list just doesn’t end. Alongside, there are numerous medicine shops, stationary shops, garments stores, grocery stores, vet clinic and various other doodah. Being from Noida, I’ve been more than a regular visitor of this market, and even after being a vegetarian, I’ve never been bored or exhausted by this place because of the variety it serves. There are a few grubs that should definitely be tried in BP :

20150531_191545Dahi waale gol gappe from Agra chat bhandar are an absolutely perfect means to soothe your palate. These dahi puris are crisp spheres or puris filled with chopped boiled potato, and onion, fresh curd, imli (red), and coriander (green) chutney, topped with sev, spices, coriander and pomegranate. Generously filled with curd of perfect consistency and freshness, crisp puris, spices and lots of sev topping is what makes this preparation worth trying. Traditionally, one of these is served to people after they are finished having pani puris. You shouldn’t be surprised if the bhaiya, while serving you the dahi puri asks you “ise tode bina khaana” because well, that’s what the rule is which is pretty interesting. (Contact number:9958981489; Cost for two: Rs 100)

Lakshmi Café House is a treasure in the centre of the market. You can sit here and guzzle some delicious variety of south Indian cuisine, especially filter coffee. Do try their fried idli that they serve only on Tuesdays. The food here won’t leave a hole in your pocket.(Contact number: 9863994444; Cost for two: Rs 300)

20150531_193603There are numerous ‘not to be missed’ dig – ins too, like Lucknow Zaika veg kabab plate, that’ll cost you Rs. 50. Different stalls for veg and non-veg kababs (cost for two – Rs. 100) are available.  Kapoor’s balle balle will serve you the best butter chicken, which will be a treat for all the diehard non vegetarians (cost for two – Rs. 450). Now if the spices get you all sobbing and sniffling, we have Baba Kulfi Bhandar  for you; if you have been crying out for sweetness, a Kesar pista kulfi will cost you Rs. 20, and Rabri falooda Rs. 40 (contact – 8800489401). If your health concerns interfere in this tasting spree then you can hit the Bhola juice corner that will serve your purpose with super – fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and toothsome shakes. Their khajoor shake which is worth trying is a unique mixture of khajoor and milk which is unbelievably delightful (cost for two – 120).

Happy tasting spree!

Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.