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Pizza Express

New Summer Menu at Pizza Express

    –         Ayushi Mathur

Summer in New Delhi is hotter than ever this year. With the scorching heat comes the temptation to indulge in food that reminds us of breezy beach locations, refreshing getaways and fun fruity delights. Pizza Express brings all these together in one special summer menu – ‘The Hawaiian Pizza Express’. What began as a fascination for the Italian cuisine and the desire to bring the delicacies to UK, has now become a global favourite for distinctive Italian recipes. Always experimenting with exciting recipes, Pizza Express has truly won hearts with their recent menu this summer.

From refreshing cocktails to unique meaty delights, the new summer menu covers it all. The first drink I tired from their menu was Molto Berry, which was a perfect concoction of mint and berries modelled into an icy paradise. What followed was even better. The next thing I got my hands on was the Lamb Polpette. Polpette simply means large meatballs and the dish was made with meatballs cooked in tangy pomodoro sauce served with freshly baked dough sticks. The first pizza I tried was Gambero, a crispy romana base topped with passata, yellow bell peppers and prawns marinated with Indian spices. What made this pizza an instant success were the fresh and nicely cooked prawns that topped the pizza.

FullSizeRender-6Pineapple on pizza? Sounds exciting right? The pizza that was the absolute highlight of the party was the Hawaiian ‘Pizza Express’ pizza. Topped with sweet pineapple chutney and béchamel sauce, this ham pizza was definitely one of a kind. Yet another pizza on their new menu is the Pollo Cajun, which is made with Cajun sauce, Cajun chicken and finished with the perfect sun dried tomatoes one can ask for. A unique component in this rectangular pizza is the Emilgrana cheese, a type of hard cheese with a granular texture. The new menu has got something for the pasta lovers out there too. Their Linguine Cajun Gambero is rich and creamy pasta made with prawns in Cajun seasoning and sun dried tomatoes.

FullSizeRender-8The visit ended on a sweet note with fresh banoffee pie and baked cheesecake. The banoffee pie was utterly delicious but for me the cheesecake stole the show. And with that sweet note I was left with a content heart and this summer got much more exciting with this stimulating Hawaiian menu that Pizza Express just introduced.

Anubhav Sapra
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