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By Prakriti Bhat

Connaught place has opened up many dining options for food lovers. From single cuisine restaurants and cafes to international brands and pubs, CP has it all. However, Unplugged Courtyard is one place that stands apart from the cluster of eateries in its vicinity. With a huge courtyard replete with a tree and comfortable canopies and table chair arrangement, the place promises an exquisite dining experience with a beautiful décor and an expansive menu.

The restaurant offers 3 kinds of seating arrangements. You could go for the dimly lit interiors that give off a party feel or the al fresco dining area, the courtyard. There is a huge tree surrounded by a parapet where you can sit and enjoy a leisurely chat with your friends. They also have a rooftop seating that opens after 6 p.m.

Unplugged Courtyard is a star when it comes to starters and drinks. They have a mind blowing range of innovative cocktails and a few of them also employ techniques of molecular gastronomy. Roji has a strong flavor of Gin and is served in a vessel traditionally used to store pickles. The drink is topped with crushed ice, litchi and Star aniseed. Ginger sour is basically Whisky Sour but shreds of Japanse Ginger-Gari are mixed with it to add a twist. The Giardino comes propped up in a lantern; vapours emanating from the bottom. Virgin Mojito was quite refreshing and served in a tall Jack and Daniels glass. Peanut butter and chocolate shake came in a goblet shaped glass and was lip smacking.

Ganna Chicken at Unplugged Courtyard
Ganna Chicken

Paneer Ka Ghosla was made with Chilli Paneer in the fried ‘ghosla’ an blanketed  by a cheese slice. Spring Rolls were okayish; the exterior not being crunchy enough. Red Bull Sakahari Croquettes was absolutely scrumptious. These were basically cheese rolls, batter fried and served with a syringe that held a unique concoction of Red Bull and Mayonnaise.

Amongst Non-Veg starters, Amritsari Fish n chips and Dynamite prawns were my favourite. Usually, the fish in fish n chips is quite thick. But here the pieces of fish were quite sleek since that is how Amritsari fish is prepared. Dynamite Prawns came in a red box which read ‘Danger’. They were the perfect combo of soft and crunchy. Mutton Shish Kebabs were spherical kebabs made with minced meat and served with tiny papads and a curry. Ande Ka Funda was the craziest dish here! Artificial egg shells held a mixture of chicken, herbs and a gelatinous yolk-like substance (which I just couldn’t decode!)

Brai Grills at Unplugged Courtyard, CP
Brai Grills

For main course I went all Italian and ordered a Chicken Ravioli in White sauce. The dish did not meet my expectations as the Raviolli kept falling apart and the sauce could definitely have been better. Turkey Ham pizza lacked cheese and meat. For Dessert we tried Brownie Pakora with whipped cream which was completely out of the box and super delicious. But the anti grill lollies were the showstoppers. Chocolate, Kiwi abd Strawberry syrups are poured on an ice slab which maintains a temperature of -29 degrees Celsius with the help of liquid nitrogen. These are then stuck to plastics sticks on which they can be enjoyed.

Unplugged Courtyard is the perfect date spot with the canopies and the perfect place for catching up with your pals over a drink. The molecular gastronomy only makes it better. It is a blessed addition to Connaught Place!

Address-  L- 23/7, Near Odeon Cinema, Connaught Place

Cost for two- Rs. 1600

Contact No.- 01133107701

Anubhav Sapra
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