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Another day in Vadodara and today we explore their unique street food. Our food journey begins with a dish from the Kutch region known as Dabeli. We try two kinds of Dabeli, Kutch dabeli which doesn’t consist of any oil and butter while the Ahmedabadi special Dabeli is as we lovingly call maska maar ke!

Dabeli is a bun with lots of khajoor (dates) chutney, coriander chutney, tomato chutney, pomegranates and mashed potatoes with lots of dabeli masala in it which gives it a distinct flavour. Next, we head to the Canara coffee house famous for Poona Missal. Here, missal literally means mixture and Poona missal is a mix of sprouts, chopped onions, tomatoes and sev topped with lots of curd.

Next, we head to a very old shop immensely loved by the people of Gujrat known as the, Manmohan bhajiya samosa stall. Here the samosas were laced with tamarind chutney, finely chopped onions and green chillies giving it an edge from the usual samosas we all eat. Not to forget, they are very filling too!

Next, we go to Sainath wafers and try their fresh crispy potato wafers and their other varieties in it. Later, we head to the iconic sweet shop established by Duliram Ratanlal Sharma in 1885. Here we try the Penda dusted with powdered sugar and surprisingly it’s not overly sweet too! Thus, a must try when in Gujrat.

Walking through the streets of Vadodara we reach the Jaihind restaurant for some authentic Maharashtrian dishes. Here we try the cult Maharashtrian dishes like Sabudana Vada, Farali sabudana khichdi and shing laddoo. The Sabudana Vada was served fresh with the outer portion super crunchy served with peanut chutney and sweet raita with curry leaves and cumin seeds added to it. Sabudana khichdi which was composed with boiled potatoes, cumin, curry leaves and peanuts served with sweet raita. The shing laddoo was made up of peanuts, jiggery and ghee.

Next, we went to a really old shop which was 148 years old known as Tamrul Prakash and serves fresh herbal paan. Here we try the dry paan and the Calcutta paan. Next, we briefly stopped at the Shri Bhagyoday Dughdalay street shop for thick milk cream salad loaded with strawberries and other fruits. Simply amazing and a must try! It is a desert in itself! We then headed to the oldest bakery in vadodora known as the Shree surti bakery where we tried fresh crispy naan khati and coconut cookies. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea, the cookies would just melt in your mouth.

However, one of the major highlight was ShriRam tamtamwala where we tried the mix fruit tamtamwala. The tamtamwala is usually made of chick flour and consists of a variety of 24 mixtures served beautifully with tomatoes, chopped coriander leaves, sprinkled with pomegranates, lemon juice and kaccha aam powder.

We also then go to the new millennium restaurant where we try their chicken biryani served in dum style served with raita and spiced buttermilk.

In the late evening, we visited the night street food market also known as the ratri bazaar open till 4 am in the morning. Ratri bazaar is an amalgamation of cuisines all across India under one roof and thus caters to everyone food’s pallet. Here we try the cheese biryani served with cashews, caramelised onions and served with thick gravy. The biryani is caters to the hyderbadi style.

The street food journey ended on a sweet note as we went to laari lappa lassi and tried their laari lappa special lassi. The lassi is one of its kind, served with cream, cherries, gems, choco-chips, raisins, almonds served with ice-cream.


Places Visited:

Canara coffee house

Beside Premanand Hall, Dandia Bazar, Vadodara, 390001


Manmohan bhajiya samosa stall

Near, Surya Narayan Bag, Kharivav Rd, Raopura, Vadodara, Gujarat 390001


Sainath wafers

Bhanu Sadan, Vinoba Bhave Rd, Kothi Char Rasta, Salatwada, Anandpura, Vadodara, Gujarat 390001


Jaihind restaurant

Raopura Rd, Opposite Kumar Shala No:1, Raopura, Vadodara, Gujarat 390001


Tamrul Prakash paan shop

SB-37 Windsor Plaza, RC Dutt Rd, Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat 390007


The Shri Bhagyoday Dughdalay

Vinoba Bhave Rd,Raopura Main Road, Near Tower, Raopura, Mandvi, Vadodara, Gujarat 390001


Shree surti bakery

Mahajan Ln, Raopura, Mandvi, Vadodara, Gujarat 390001


ShriRam tamtamwala

Chowkhandi, Main Road, Kansara Pole, Vadodara, Gujarat 390017


The new millennium restaurant

33,Sampatrao Colony, Near Hotel GRG, Alkapuri First lane nrJetalpur bridge, Jetalpur Rd, Vadodara, Gujarat 390005

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