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Bille Di Hatti’s Chole-poori

“Breakfast was only worth having when somebody else made it for you.”

What if that breakfast is served hot, crispy, authentic, fermented, bit spicy and with a lot of mouth-watering taste?

Tempted already!
Well, Busted with spheres of Delhi University and its students, Kamla Nagar has always been a hot spot for meet-ups, flea market and food joints.

Among many other famous eateries in the vicinity, Bille di Hatti managed to start with a very small space almost 60 years ago. Slowly and steadily, the taste of his pchole-poori won the hearts of people and since then, they kept expanding in their arena to serve better to more people.

Starting with a busy schedule at 7:00 am in the morning, the joint welcomes its cutomers till 3:30 to relish the taste of his much known chole-poori. As soon as, hour-hand reaches four, they begin selling samosas whereas always asked with chole-poori, “lassi” can be surped all day till 8:00pm.

Well when I say authentic taste, I mean more by the way of making all of these delicacies. The savory curry that we savor here does not contain onion or any amount of garlic. The ‘tadka’ is given only of spices (such as anardana, rock salt, iodised salt, jeera, ajwain, dhaniya etc.) to main ingredients. Not only this, but poori also has its unique feature. It is made up of mixture of all-purpose flour (maida) and semolina (sooji), also has small filling of split black gram (urad daal) to add to the taste. The combo of chole-poori is accompanied with a small bowl containing sliced onions with carrot pickle and meethi ki chutney over the top of it.

And one can always relish some extra taste of chole (bile ducts) at a cost of Rs 15/-

Another favourite from this joint is their sweet lassi. It was thick in texture and had very apt quantity of sugar mixed. Originally, they own many hemispherical shaped earthen plates in which they ferment the curd for lassi. And if you closely notice that fermented curd in the plate, it gets a slightly yellowish layer of fats and proteins on the surface, which is later skimmed off to add as a topping to your perfectly sweetened lassi.

Meanwhile, Amit told us that his grandfather started the place then his father and paternal uncle gave their heart and soul to maintain the legit the taste of original chole-poori. And now, on the same path he and his cousin also joined the way.

A plate of chole-puri costs Rs 55/- and for lassi it is again Rs 55/-

Address: 72-D, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi

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