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Smoke on Water

Smoke on Water, Connaught Place

Ayushi Mathur

For all those beer lovers out there, Delhi just got a lot more exciting. There’s no more a need to wait for your beer to be served to you, now you can tap your beer at Smoke on Water. With beer taps on every table, Smoke on Water is Delhi’s first Gastropub that lets you pour your own beer. All you need to do is sit at your table, choose the beer you want and pour it yourself whenever you want!

Smoke on Water has brought a concept of allowing the customers to refill their beers with a tap on their tables through the system of a rechargeable card allotted to them. The customers can add a certain amount of money in their cards and place it on an electromagnetic slot on their tables. This allows the customer to pay ahead and keep a track on the amount of beer consumed. All of this while grooving to the best rock music of all time.

Well, that’s not it. Smoke on Water is an ultimate stop for beer lovers as well as foodies. Ranging from the classic Buffalo wings to super hot peri peri wings, Smoke on Water offers a total of 16 different styles of chicken wings, and their hot wings are not for the weak-hearted.  Apart from chicken wings, their menu has a variety of delectable bite sized appetizers like Potato nuggets, Grilled Polenta with Feta cheese and fish fingers. The appetizing Chicken dumplings are made with minced chicken and hot barbeque sauce shaped into perfectly round dumplings. Another thing that stands out is the small disc shaped Fish cakes with Hollandaise sauce that look very appealing and taste even better.

IMG_5409For those not so fond of beer, the bar at Smoke on Water offers an assortment of unusual cocktails and mocktails. The desi pawwas like Kala Jamun, Sharabi Naareal and Masala maar ke are something you cannot miss. The Thai Mojito is a breath of fresh air as it gives the usual sweet mojito a twist with flavours like Kaffir lime and Thai ginger. The Chatpataka is a fun concoction of chaat masala, lime and kiwi. Sangrias and Long Island Iced Teas are also not typical at Smoke on Water, with flavours like Pomme-Basil and Strawberry-Mint available in Sangrias and Jalapenos in LIITs.

Overall, Smoke on Water can be considered one of the most exciting openings in Delhi this year and should definitely be visited at least once.

Address – D-26, Connaught Place

Cost for two – Rs. 1000

Anubhav Sapra
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