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Today, we explore the part of South Gujrat and Gujarat is certainly beautiful during heavy rains and monsoon and it only gets better with a hot cup of Chai! Along with Rohan Bhai and Yash Bhai we head to a morning chai place known as the Golden Tea point under the citylight flyover.

Later we head to a small town in Gujarat known as Rander where the local food culture assimilated the Burmese street food known as the Khaosa and the architecture is to look out for! We head to Lijjat khvasa centre and try their Khaosa. Khaosa is pan-fried chicken fried with lots of spices and served with green chillis, broth whose main component is peanut paste is topped with crushed papdi. Next we tick off the list, a 32 year old food cart run by Khalid bhai known as the Khalid aloo puri waala and tried their aloo puri, a bite-size dish served with white flour puris topped with, aloo, kokam chutney and sprinkled with crushed onions. After a quick tour of Rander, we headed to try an innovative dish known as locho. Here we try locho’s two different versions one with the peanut oil and the other with butter at Shriji Locho. Locho is a morning breakfast loved by people in Gujrat.

Next we moved to Madidi khamni shop and tried their Sew Khamni and Surti pettice which is basically, fried balls stuffed with mawa, dry fruits, fennel seeds and spices served with coriander chutney. Here we try the famous, Khandvi which is made up of besan. They are so thin in texture so they’re served rolled and are very delicate when it comes to its taste.

Next, we move on to Jalram Rasawala khaman and try their Rasawala khaman served with thick curry with is made up of 5 different kinds of dal and tempered with mustard seeds and topped with tomatoes and coriander leaves. This is best served with sweet lassi. Next we tried the popular drink of Surat known as Coco at A one coco a 60 year old shop. It is a thick drink made up of milk, chocolate powder, sugar and ice. We next headed to Dotiwala bakers and confectioners. Here we try the Naankhatai and surti biscuits. Surti biscuits are small-sized butter biscuits and they have short-breads known as Naankhatai.

In the evening, we headed to Lashkari Bhajiya. And here we try the Ratalu and tomato bhajiya. It is one of the most famous bhajiya shops in Gujrat. The deep-fried golden bhujiyas is served with green chillis and mustard chutney. Next, we try authentic surti non-vegetarion dishes like tapelu, prawn masala, bhajelu and much more… We try the prawn curry served in nice coriander gravy, sprinkled with Indian spices and topped it up with lemon juice! It was a bomb for the taste pallet! To end the meal, we go to the the ghantewaala paan shop and try their rose paan which simply melts in the mouth!



Golden Tea point

Lal Gate Main Road, Lal Gate, Surat – 395003, Opposite Chauta Bazar


Madidi khamni shop

Plot No 9, Bharat Housing, Udhna Magdala Road, Surat – 394210, Near Sardar Park


Lijjat khvasa centre

Kabutar Khana Mota Bazar Rd, Rander, Surat, Gujarat 395005


Lashkari Bhajiya

Sultanabad, Langar Char Rasta, Surat – Dumas Rd, Surat, Gujarat 394550


The ghantewaala paan shop

Gh-7, Western Park, Adajan Dn, Surat – 395009, Near Gangeshwar Mandir, Sneh Sankul Wadi


A one coco

L-42, Sargam Shopping Center, 1, Surat – Dumas Rd, Parle Point, Somanath Society, Umra Gam, Athwa, Surat, Gujarat 395007


Shriji Locho

1B, City Light Rd, Shringar Society, City Light Town, Athwa, Surat, Gujarat 395007


Khalid aloo puri waala

Parsiwad Rd, Rander, Surat, Gujarat 395005


Jalram Rasawala khaman

Chowkbazar,Nr.Jai Shankar Lassi,Surat., Surat, Gujarat 395003


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