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By Shagun Nayar

The India Art Fair was hosted in the capital city of New Delhi in the NSIC Exhibition grounds from 29th Feb-1st January 2015,which housed over 1,100 artists from all over the globe with a conscious effort to promote home-grown artists. It was an event, open to all and enjoyed by everyone. Indian-origin artists along with artists from all over the world were successful in capturing the essence of what was truly one of the finest days for art connoisseurs, gallerists, collectors,  art directors and all those who longed to experience one of South Asia’s top cultural events. True to its reputation, the art fair delivered on all its promises leaving very little to complain about, if any.

The exhibition hall was covered top to bottom by paintings, photographs, sculptures, installationsand 3D models. There was no particular theme or points of reference for the artists as they were given a free reign to exhibit their art according to their own whims and fancies. An hour into the exhibition, I found myself being absorbed by the array of talent and its sheer magnitude. There were two artists which left me with a lingering feeling of awe and appreciation.

1)      Azadeh Akhlaghi who created pictorial scenes from Iran’s most notorious and scandalous deaths.

2)      George K’s Chess Series which ranged from ‘Survival of the fittest’,‘A diagnostic chess’ to ‘Analyse to prediction and fast response’.


IMG_20150201_200833 The food was as spectacular and tasteful as the art & all that walking around and pacing up and down the gallery made sure that everyone turned it into a late afternoon of tasty indulgences and sipping wine.The highlight of the fair and I don’t just speak for myself, was; CAARA’S stunning roof top restaurant, café&bar. On entering this very European setting, I was overwhelmed by the towering flower pots which covered the walls &multiple strings of yellow bulbs which created their own sky emitting a rich yellow luminous effect that went perfectly with the setting. The terrace café was furnished with tall bar stools situated at the foot of a long wooden table facing the exhibition hall and much of the venue. It provided for a great view which was accompanied by delicious food and engaging company .There were large black and white patterned pillows on each wooden seat and the navy blue blankets provided for an atmosphere of absolute bliss. The menu was simple yet sophisticated, with pulled-pork Panini’s, Tomato-Mozzarella Pesto baguettes, Cinnamon Rolls, Breakfast Pastries, Airy croissants, Cold pressed juice, Well-made coffee including Frothy Cappuccino’s, Espresso’s , Americano’s and Wine (Jacob’s Creek) , both Red and White  for thosewho really wanted to sit back and get encapsulated in a rather magical evening of good food, jazz music&wonderful company. The other spirits included Vodka, Bacardi White Rum and Scotch.

10927843_799924796743828_7190529032052715109_oTo my surprise, the menu was fairly priced with the coffee averaging around Rs. 150, a glass of Red wine costing Rs. 400 & White wine costing Rs.500. The vegetarian baguettes/Panini’s and sandwiches averaged to Rs. 270 and the non-vegetarian dishes costing no more than Rs.500 and no less than Rs.300. The staff was courteous and very efficient, with tables being cleared simultaneously and orders being given on time.So, be sure to visit CAARA –Café Bar to be part of a quintessential European experience filled with great food and a wondrous ambience.

Location: 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, British Council

Contact Information:

Contact Number:+91 98 73 344031

Anubhav Sapra
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