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Bloggers Meet at Wokamama

By Sanskriti Nagar

What could have been better than sharing the best of Asian cuisine over an informative lunch session with bloggers from around the town? On the 11th of October, Wokamama, undoubtedly Gurgaon’s best Pan-Asian restaurant held a Blogger’s meet in which they served us with their best dishes in the most beautiful way.

IMG_9875 aa copy Not only the food, the ambience too is perfect, especially for a quiet Sunday brunch or a dinner with friends. In a crowded market street, Wokamama is a breath of fresh air. As soon as you enter, it teleports you directly from a busy DLF Phase III market street to the posh dining outs of Hauz Khas Village. I disagreed strongly from my other blogger friends who considered the interiors to be dimly lit. For me, Wokamama has achieved to maintain a perfect balance between its outdoors and indoors, with the outdoors being in bold oranges, nicely lit sections in night whereas indoors have gone a tone down, the walls done in tints of orange and the ambience a perfect play of oranges and browns. The staff was decent and welcoming, active at all times. We were fortunate to have owners of Wokamama, Mr Sameer Puri and Mr, M.P. Singh with us at the table who took every opportunity to provide us with the best services and explained us the ingredients, origin and process of the dishes being served which made my mouth water each time, even on the non-vegetarian dishes which I couldn’t delight being a vegetarian by choice.

Tom Kha SoupI started with tasting a few Beverages. The Jasmine tea went well with the wet weather and my favorite Classic Mojito complimented me all throughout the lunch. The soups were good enough too; especially Tom Kha soup whose aroma instantly filled the room and the taste of coconut milk which was previously never accepted by my taste buds went well this time.

Nigiri Sushi

For Starters we were served with Chili Pepper Corn on Crispy Spinach, which exactly matched its name, it was chilli, was crispy, had corn but a little more pepper for my taste would have done magic. Next was Sushi, with wasabi, soya and ginger, was as good as any sushi I’ve ever tried but the next dish became my favourite, so much that I’ve told my mom to try it at home someday too. Vegetable Tempura (served with pineapple chilli sauce and tempura sauce) is a dish that goes through famous Japanese style air infused batter fried preparation and is according to me the best way to eat veggies, with crispy outside and softened veggies inside.Prawn & Veg TempuraThe Main Course started with grilled Cottage Cheese in Banana Leaf (done in Indonesian Style) with delicate flavors and lots of spice.

Guilin Egg Plant The second dish swept me off my feet; Eggplant had never tasted this delicious ever. Eggplant in Guilin Chilly had nice tangy flavors and nice crisp vegetables.

The third dish, Vegetable Green curry Noodles were something I was reluctant to try but on insistence when I tried them, they turned out to be a perfect combination of noodles with curry.

The dessert which was much awaited by me included two preparations, Coconut Rolls (served with pickled raisin and Cinnamon) and Mocca Rage. I call them preparations because they were prepared with thoughtful servings. Coconut Rolls were very delicious but they went up a bit higher on my scale with the pickled raisin and cinnamon whereas the stealer in Mocca Rage was the coffee ice-cream which complimented the Mocca cake very well.Coconut Rolls with pickled raisin & Cinnamon

Overall, the meal had freshly done vegetables steaming with flavours and delicious personalized changes added to each dish. The greens were pretty all throughout the meal.

What I liked most about the whole event was how well Mr. M.P. Singh explained us about each dish, its preparation and ingredients. Also, to see how well they involve themselves in each sector of the restaurant and the tons of knowledge they have about food.

Mr. M.P. Singh and Mr. Sameer Puri are owners of Ranch Cuisine Concepts, the pioneer firm in outdoor banqueting and the very first in this field. Along with Wokamama, they are proud owners of famous names such as Lotus Pond (NFC), Bamboo Shoots (Noida, Sec 18), Trance (Noida, Sec 63) and various other projects.

Price for two– Rs. 1600 (Quantity served is good enough)

Personal Recommendation– Eggplant in Guilin Chili and Tempura. Don’t hesitate to try the variety of sauces they serve, very creative in flavors.

Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.

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