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Raju Idli Wala, A Gem in Noida’s Sector 34

An internet search about South Indian food stalls in and around Delhi will give you a multitude of options to choose from. One can find a thela serving a range of South Indian dishes in almost every neighbourhood of Delhi or NCR. However, no amount of Google searches will help you find this place. But once in this neighbourhood, this food stall is hard to miss.

Angel South Indian Food better known as Raju Idli Wala, is a small food vendor located in Noida’s Sector 34 who is quite popular in the neighbourhood for making delectable dosas at an affordable cost. As the name indicates, he sells wonderful, light as air idlis. However, refusing to confine himself to just this, he also makes a range of South Indian food like Uttapam and Vadas and serves them with sambhar and delicious nariyal chutney, all at an affordable cost ranging from rupees 40-50.

Raju, the owner and the head chef, sets up his thela at 6 in the evening and closes only when every one of his last customers has been served. He has a team of two who help him with the cleaning and the management of his affairs.

Raju’s story goes as follows. Before being a small business owner, he used to work at an office canteen, making the very same things, until the company was shut down and he was out of a job. This was probably his wake-up call to do greater tastier things. He named the food stall after his daughter Angel, but the shop is synonymous with his name.

As soon as this place opens, it starts humming with activity, witnessing a line of hungry people all eagerly waiting for their order. Raju makes the best of what he has in order to accommodate them. The thela serves as a cooking station and also doubles up as a table. Everything, from the cooking to watching people indulge in the food is a visual treat. The option of “Take Away” is also available. But the locals say the food is more enjoyable and seems tastier when you eat it there, surrounded by fellow foodies.

Raju Idli Wala’s thela is easy to spot, located opposite the B12 Market, next to a huge park, and close to the Wave City Centre metro station. This is a must try for the locals, and worth hopping onto a metro and travelling the distance, just to gorge on some delicious Vadas and Uttapams.

So the next time you are in town, do not forget to grab a plate of your preferred South Indian dish at Raju Idli Wala.

Location- Opposite B12 Market, Captain Shashi Kant Marg, Sector 34, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Timings- 6 pm onwards, except Friday
Contact Number- +917503611520

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Ashok and Ashok Meat Dhaba

This Dhaba Started by Two Friends Sells The Best Mutton

Korma in Delhi

Navneet Virdi Delhi Food Walks

( This Article was first published in NDTV Food )

This Dhaba Started by Two Friends Sells The Best Mutton Korma in Delhi

  • This shop was started way back in 1984 by two friends: Ashok and Ashok
  • The korma is made with 30 different kinds of spices and loads of ghee
  • The gravy is served with rotis interwoven with coriander leaves

Photo Credit: Facebook/AshokandAshokMeatDhaba

Walking through the lanes of Sadar Bazar in the scorching heat, I was quite determined to find the extremely famous “Ashok and Ashok Meat Dhaba”. Once I did, it was nothing like I imagined it to be. Since it was extremely famous and had the word ‘Dhaba’ attached at the end, I thought of it to be a fairly medium-sized joint but it turned out to be just a very tiny hole-in-the-wall. But don’t get me wrong, I never judge a book by its cover and I’m glad I did not deviate from my policy this time as well.

The food here makes up for the size of this shop and the story behind it makes it larger than life. This little shop was started way back in 1984 by two friends namely; Ashok and Ashok, well no surprises there! These two friends were titled as the “Macho gangsters” of this area. Alongside their rowdy business, they also loved to make and serve meat curry to the localities. What followed is history. They turned their passion of cooking into their profession and became proud owners of the Ashok and Ashok Dhaba.

Ashok and Ashok are no more with us but their legacy continues. The shop is run by the younger generation. A medium sized dusty frame holds the picture of Ashok and Ashok smiling ear to ear, looking upon the shop still running successfully.

The shop opens at 1 P.M and you’ll always find a crowd hovering for their meat delights.  The Mutton Korma is made only on Wednesday and Saturday, and it finishes off in a matter of half an hour while the Chicken Korma and Biryani are prepared every day.

The korma prepared here would definitely pass off with an A grade in a royal kitchen. Why I am saying this is because 30 different kinds of spices are added to the gravy and the entire thing is prepared with loads of desi ghee. The meat is tender and falls off the bones perfectly and the glistening golden gravy is full of aroma. It is so fragrant that your hands and tummy are provoked to eat it right away. The gravy is served with rotis (chapatti) interwoven with coriander leaves.

This gravy is not your ordinary gravy. It is cooked with minced meat. The process is rather elaborate. A large tin of ghee is melted in a huge pan and then ginger, garlic and onions are added and stirred until golden brown. Next, the 30 secret spices are added to the mix and are left to ooze out their flavour and aroma. Mutton pieces and minced meat are finally added to this enticing mix and left to cook for 20-30 minutes. Later, the perfect amount of water is added and some chopped tomatoes are thrown in and it is further cooked for an hour and a half depending or till the gravy attains a smooth texture. The same procedure is followed to prepare the chicken curry. The biryani served here is very rich as well and is equally delicious. It was a matter of time when the clock struck 2:30 P.M. while we were still devouring the delights and the Ashok and Ashok Meat Dhaba was already out of their famous delicacies.

Price: Rs. 300 for 2

Timings: 1 P.M. – 3 P.M.

Location: 5820/42, Subhash Chowk, Sadar Thana Road, Near Sadar Bazaar, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi.

About the Author:

Delhi Food Walks provides a platform for food enthusiasts to share their culinary journey while keeping the rich and diverse culture of Delhi alive through specially curated food trails and food festivals. This year, Delhi Food Walks is organizing the first-ever Street Food Awards which aims to recognize various street food vendors present in the narrow alleys of Delhi and honour them for the delightful services. The winner will be decided from a pool of nominations across 20 categories and a few special mentions by our esteemed jury of food connoisseurs like Marryam H Reshii, Sourish Bhattarcharya and Rahul Verma. If you want your favourite street food outlets to win, do not forget to vote for them!

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Hanging Out @ SportsDiner

Keep the child alive is what everyone has always said about growing up. SportsDiner by HangOut is one of those places where you can be unabashedly childish. From Monopoly to Air hockey, it offers you everything; even if you fancy a round of bowling or a virtual reality game. Oh and I am not just looking at the 23 year olds who seek this opportunity to take a break from adulting but even you parents. While you grab a bite or a drink amidst snooker tables, your little ones can easily be mesmerized by the interactive play area on the next floor (the pizza parlour and the hospital areas are cute enough to start playing yourself).

Coming to the food, the chef is doing something brilliant things with the vegetarian fare. It happens so often that our ve getarian friends get sidelined when we go out to have a night of drinks and games. Blindly order the vegetarian Pizza, you will see a play with veggies including broccoli and the cheese. The crust is light and the sauce actually compliments the green. If I didn’t notice the calories on the cheese, I would have declared this a healthy meal.(Yes, its a tennis racket acting as a serving plate in the picture)

Next came the Kung Pao chicken with what we figured was a pickled cabbage that was not kimchi. Delhi is almost infamous for its chin-jabi culture and if your hangout doesn’t serve you good masala chinese, why is it even a hangout. No such situation here. The chicken was as juicy as much as  it was exploding with all the garlic and chilli peppers. The special non veg platter comes with 4 different types of tikkas. This is the part that leaves you with a sense of dissatisfaction. The classic chicken tikka was still cooked well but the fish and malai tikkas had perhaps had too much time in the tandoor and ended up dry while the seekh was bland and chewy.


But hey, the best part is the hospitality of the place. The diner has the sweetest staff, who will readily take on any criticism their way and work on it (it’s such a rarity nowadays that I always like to mention it). They are also very keen on making the entire experience better and will keep accommodating all your requests. It’s the one corner in the heart of the poshest areas where you can let loose.

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As *you* like it – Fabelle Chocolates

Etymologists trace the origin of the word “chocolate” to the Aztec word “xocoatl,” which referred to a bitter drink brewed from cacao beans. The Latin name for the cacao tree,Theobrama cacao, means ‘food of the gods’. Throughout history, there have been several accounts of the foreigners in India growing greedy over this one bittersweet thing called ‘chocolate’ (especially the Spaniards). Ask any modern Indian today and you will find someone preferring one variant over the other but no one ever refuses a chocolate and then there are people like me. Food lovers who go to great lengths so that we can understand and put the best into our mouths and more so to be able to tell you where you can find your money’s worth.

ITC’s luxury chocolate boutique ‘Fabelle’ has taken luxury to another level with its couverture chocolates. Now it is offering you a chance to take it to another step. Their new campaign lets you choose exactly what flavours you want in your chocolate. If you like the dark or the milk ones, with caramel or with chillies or maybe you want to surprise your taste buds with a little sea salt, they do it all. And then they let you name you sweet little chocolate cup after yourself.

So we made our two dainty little “As DFW likes it” cups with a milk chocolate base, caramel, some Sri Lankan sea salt, a dark chocolate creme topped with cocoa crumbs and almond slivers. (You really should check out the video on Instagram @delhifoodwalks ,


Personalization of luxury goods is one of the goals, we strive for in our modern lifestyle. What better way to make it sweeter (pun intended) than with a chocolate cup that resonates with you. If nothing else, it is a thrill telling your friends that ITC let you name a chocolate after yourself. We know we have been gloating about that 😉

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Raksha Bandhan with Fabelle

One of the few things synonymous with Rakhi is a box of chocolates. It’s almost ritualistic to pick up a piece and pop it into your sibling’s mouth or maybe steal one from between their fingers. Now, we have long shifted from the candy like bars to the more delicate couverture chocolate pralines. ITC’s exclusive chocolate boutique “FABELLE” has taken even that one step further. The delicate pralines now hold the spirit of your sibling. Inspired by the 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Air, you can now customise a box of chocolates that is as fiery as your sister or as free flowing as your brother.

I chose the element “water” for my cool headed sibling. He tends to be salty and intense at the most inopportune moments but is one of the biggest calming influences of my life. So a praline with dark chocolate mousse filled with the Acacia nectar, sprinkled with just a hint of Sri lankan sea salt gave me the perfect sweet treat for him. Picking one out for the more passionate and fiery one was easier with the “fire” praline. The dark chocolate shell is filled with a white chocolate mousse laced with ancho chilli and tangy candied mango.

The best part about the entire thing is that you can pick out your box all from home and if you wish even create a website in your sibling’s name. Keeping no stones unturned in ensuring that this moment is truly memorable; Fabelle has created a special website for placing orders and creating the customised website orders.


But in order to do so you need to log on before or on the 3rd of August, 2017. They are taking orders to be delivered between  4th to 8th August, 2017.



Fabelle at The Chocolate Boutique, ITC Gardenia, #1 Residency Road, Bengaluru;

080 66825270

Fabelle at The Chocolate Boutique, ITC Windsor, 25, Golf Course Road, ISRO
Colony, Sankey Road, Bengaluru; 080 61401111

Fabelle at The Chocolate Boutique, ITC Maurya, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi;
011 66325360

Fabelle at The Chocolate Boutique, ITC Grand Chola, Mount Road, Guindy, Chennai;
044 49065410

Fabelle at The Chocolate Boutique, ITC Maratha, Sahar, Mumbai; 022 61841979

Fabelle at The Chocolate Boutique, ITC Grand Central, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Road, Parel, Mumbai; 022 67045143

Fabelle at The Chocolate Boutique, ITC Sonar, JBS Haldane Avenue, Kolkata;
033 23004407


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The All New Napoli Pizza at Fat Lulu’s

The All New Napoli Pizza at Fat Lulu’s

By Aushi Mathur

Ever since Fat Lulu’s opened up in Delhi and Gurgaon, it has become a crowd favourite. After winning over hearts of Delhi-ites with their gourmet wood-fired oven pizzas, Fat Lulu’s is ready to take over once again with the introduction of Neapolitan style pizzas.

A style of pizza that originated from Naples, Italy, Neapolitan pizza is made with the freshest ingredients available. A basic dough, raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and olive oil with no other fancy ingredients can make a scrumptious Napoli pizza. The difference lies in the abundance of sauce as compared to cheese leaving the middle of the base soggy that gives a melt in mouth feel.

Napoli Pizza at Fat Lulu’s
Napoli Pizza at Fat Lulu’s

Fat Lulu’s has come up with a balances vegetarian – non vegetarian menu with authentic tasting Napoli pizzas. We tried the Sausage Fest pizza which was loaded with meat. Three types of sausages along with mushrooms covered the top of the pizza along with parmesan cheese as an addition to the basic tomato and mozzarella. The sauce and the dough felt so fresh that the combined taste complimented the meaty flavour of the sausages really well.

Staying true to the Neapolitan base style, the pizzas served at Fat Lulu’s also have a soggy middle which will definitely delight your taste buds.

The meal was completed with some unparalleled beverages. We tried the Salted Caramel Frappe and the Caribbean Coconut, both of which were wonderfully delectable. We also got to try the light and appetising orange and fennel salad with their herb oils. The visit finished with a melt-in-mouth chocolaty nougat cake that stole the show for us.

Overall, we would definitely like to recommend trying their all new Napoli Pizzas to all those pizza lovers looking for a change in the regular deep dish or thin crust pizzas. Give them a try and let us know which one is your favourite!

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Happyness is Ice Cream. #flavoursoftheseason

I have always been told that you cannot buy happiness and well, being the foodie I am, I always tell them that I can buy Ice Cream and that is pretty much the same thing. There is no other comfort food like ice cream, especially when it comes to Baskin Robbins and their penchant for trying out the wackiest flavours, that somehow always work.

As one of the Happyness Ambassadors this month, Baskin Robbins presented us with their five experiments for the month and asked us to pick a favourite. Now, a foodie is a foodie because of our indecisiveness when it comes to picking a favourite.

But the weather, I believe gave us an inspiration and we decided on the flavour that could complement this “surprise it’s hot, surprise it’s rain” monsoon. I will give you a hint. The flavour evokes the memory of sitting on the “charpai” (a traditional woven bed) and eating freshly plucked fruit with a spicy condiment. Baskin and Robbins has made the traditional after school fruit snack of Guava and Red Chilli Powder into an ice cream !

Surprised? So were we. But after such a long time we found an ice cream that was not just a mix of sugar and fruity elements. This ice cream is perfect for people who believe that ice cream can be more than just a sweet treat. In fact you can actually find hints of the smoky chilli flavour in the aftertaste mixed with the ice creamy consistency of the guava flavour. The reason we love B&K ice creams is because they are unafraid to test the limits of our palate and I do believe that our favourite “Spicy Guava” is the perfect example of how they deliver on the taste  every time even when your head is mumbling something on the lines of ‘ mad geniuses’.

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Cooking with ITC Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta

How many times have you looked at fast moving pizzas and pastas and decided that they are unhealthy Or Let’s count the times when you have looked at the roti and decided it’s boring? We at DFW wondered that with the time we have spent out on the streets exploring food should have given us some skills in the kitchen and maybe a little inspiration too. So, instead of a food joint that we found, we are telling you a recipe!!


Since we wanted to get all the nutritional benefit we could, we picked out the Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta as our base for the most wholesome goodness in a mouthful that we could gather. Aashirvaad leverages its institutional strength of sourcing wheat from the finest wheat growing regions of India combined with the traditional ‘chakki-grinding’ method to lend the chapatis a softer texture and a superior taste or like in our case to the “ HOMEMADE PASTA”. We chose multigrain because the extra fiber makes the food easier to digest making it heart healthy. The extra protein in the atta helps build strength; vitamins build immunity and the extra fiber aids digestion.

So here is the recipe and no you do not need that Pasta Machine 😉



  • 2cup Aashirvaad Multigrain flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 eggs  (You can substitute the eggs for half cup semolina flour(sooji) )
  • 3 tsp oil
  • 10-20 ml water
  1. b) Sauce
  • 3 tsp oil
  • 10-20 gm butter
  • Half cup Tomato puree or 4 tomatoes diced finely with seeds
  • 6-7 finely chopped garlic
  • Salt  to taste
  • 1 tsp Oregano
  • 1 tsp Black pepper
  • 1 tsp Chilli flakes
  • 2 tsp Mayonnaise
  • 1 slice cheese (regular American)IMG_9641 (1)

Process :

  1. Mix all the the ingredients of the pasta. Knead out a dough and let it rest for 1 hour at room temperature.
  2. While the dough rests, On a medium flame add the oil and butter.
  3. As soon as the butter melts, add the garlic to the pan and make sure that butter doesn’t brown. Keep stirring so that the garlic doesn’t burn.IMG-20170616-WA0007
  4. If using chopped tomatoes, after putting them in break them down and add half a cup of water little by little until they reach a sauce like consistency. If using the tomato puree, cook it down till the smell of the tomato leaves the pan (if persistent, try squeezing half a lemon)
  5. Add your condiments once you are happy with the consistency of the sauce and switch off the gas.
  6. Meanwhile boil 8 cups of salted waterIMG-20170616-WA0002
  7. Roll out your pasta dough with a pin into a thin sheet. Use extra flour to dust the area and the dough to make it easier. The dough should be spread out till it is as thin as possible.
  8. Cut the dough in long strands with the help of a knife and dust the strands with flour once more.
  9. Boil the pasta in the salted water for 8-10 minutes till al-dente.IMG-20170616-WA0005 (1)
  10. Use the time to heat your sauce and add mayonnaise.
  11. Add the pasta from the water directly to the saucepan and half a ladle of the salted water along with it.
  12. Mix well till the sauce coats the pasta on low flame. Add the cheese by breaking it down to give a creamier consistency,
  13. Serve hot with extra cheese if you want some.

And that sums up our cooking adventure with ITC Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta. Have you tried any recipes that you would like to share? Tell us in the comments below.IMG-20170616-WA0003

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A Fine Taste

Elma's Cafe - Delhi Food Walks

A Fine Taste

English. Exquisite. Elegant .Exclusive. Expensive.Combining all of that, you get Elma’s cafe, a cosy cafe in the streets of Hauz Khas Village. So here I was with two other friends, out to review the place that is very popular among the food joints in HKV.

Entering the place, you notice the beautiful and delicate ambience, made complete with floral prints on the drapes and curtains, cupboards with old cups and plates, a piano and a quiet view of the deer park. The bakery items on display are so amazing to look at, that customers sometimes sit for long durations of time, just gazing at the display! Cooks working in the open kitchen constitute another view that is enjoyed by visitors. However the seating is very limited , since it’s a small cafe.

Elma's Cafe - Delhi Food WalksTalking to the owner, we got to know that her son started TLR cafe, another food joint in HKV. Since the quality of the outsourced breads was not satisfactory, she decided to open a bakery of her own that would provide good quality bread. This and the fact that coffee could be found everywhere but different types of teas were difficult to find, she being a tea person, established Elma’s.Here’s a fun fact for those of you who didn’t know: Elma is the name of the family dog and Edward is the family cat! Edward’s is on the ground floor and Elma’s is on the 1st. They share the same menu.

Nilgiri Frost - Delhi Food Walks

The famous desserts of the place such as the Red Velvet Cake and Moist Chocolate Cake are absolutely fabulous but we wanted to try new items, so here they are. Let’s begin with Nilgiri Frost, a favourite of the owner too. It’s a  lighter colour than Earl’s Grey, the taste is just right, neither too strong nor too mild. The cup is very aromatic and it goes well with heavy   cakes. It tastes best without milk. The next tea we tasted was Earl’s Grey, which was again very aromatic but was a darker colour. It was stronger than Nilgiri Frost. Both of them were very typical teas and must be tried by tea lovers for sure. Apart from this, the Belgian Chocolate shake was amazing too, rich in chocolate and pleasure!

Scones with jam and cream - Delhi Food WalksApple Pie - Delhi Food Walks
The freshly-made scones with the great texture, accompanied by pure fruit jam and cream were a delight to our taste buds.The apple pie was perfectly made, with a very crisp outer layer and the handmade pattern on top. The taste of apple was very subtle. Mac and Cheese was beautifully baked. The three neat, distinct layers were as follows: a crisp layer of bread crumbs on top, followed by a delicious cheese layer and then the macaroni. It was quite filling. Lastly, we had the healthy ‘lean and green sandwich’, which had Elma’s slow roasted tomatoes on a bed of lettuce and rocket leaves drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. It is very apt for a light breakfast, the taste is not overpowering.Lean and Green Sandwich - Delhi Food Walks

              Taste            Ambience            Service     Value for Money
               9/10                 8.5/10                8.5/10               8.5/10

Indulging in the quaint atmosphere of the place, one understands how this place attracts people who prefer boutiques over malls, who are not mere customers but are food enthusiasts, who are willing to pay a bit extra for something special. So if you enjoy the finer things in life, try out this place for sure!

Cost for 2 people: Rs 1000 approximately

Name: Elma’s Bakery, Cakes and Tea Room
Location: 24/1, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi-110016

Phone: (011)26521020; 9711117516
Owner and Head Chef: Shelly Sahay, of Le Cordon Bleu

Foodie Correspondent: Gopal Seth
Foodie  Photographers: Saumya Gupta & Shreya Chowdhury

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North Campus Famous Hangouts

You may have had the best cuisines available in Delhi, may have dined in the most posh restaurants but my foodie friend it’s all incomplete till you haven’t tasted Dilli’s food-Dilli’s way- Street way!

Here’s a quick guide for all fucchas of North Campus to the very famous, very affordable TOP 9 places you must visit to satisfy your taste buds because TOP 10 is too mainstream.



1- Chacha di hatti– Unlike the ordinary chhole bhature, this plate of delight is non-greasy, looks delicious and is served with perfectly fried potatoes, topped with fresh chilies and onions. Kindly carry some patience along because at most times this place is extremely crowded unless and until it’s a holiday or 3 PM, by which it closes.

Personal Recommendation– Chhole Bhature

Price for 2– Rs 50/-

Rated– 4/5

2-Vaishnav Chat Bhandaar– What is more fun than laughing with a mouth full of golgappas! If you are looking for a similar experience, you must try this place that is famous for its flavor-filled chat menu.

(If you crave for chat like I do, you could also try Bitoo Tikki waala in core Kamla Nagar market and this amazing bhelpuri and chat seller who puts his stand right next to Patel Chest Bus Stop.)

Personal Recommendation– Paneer tikka and kulfi faluda

Price for 2– Rs 100/-

Rated– 3.5/5

3-Brijwasi Sweets– Missing home? Missing out on Indian sweets amongst stuffing on junk food? No more to be said. Visit Brijwasi Sweets. Famous for its bottled milk and Indian sweet delights.
Personal Recommendation– Rasgulla and Rasmalai (that they serve in kulhads)

Price for 2– Rs 100

Rated– 3.3/5

4-Bille di hatti– Straight from Lahore, bille di hatti made me taste the most yummy lassi I’ve ever had in my life. If you want to bring out the true Punjabi in you, this huge glass of lassi is all you need. Don’t worry, there is a small steel tumbler available too for the ones with a tiny appetite.

Personal Recommendation– Sweet lassi

Price for 2– Rs 100

Rated– 3.2/5

5-Delhi School of Economics Canteen– Canteen is the best place to find cheap food and happening crowd. A lecture bunked will be worthwhile for mutton cutlets and hot delicious noodles from this canteen. (Other canteens you may try are Rajma Chawal from Ramjas Canteen, Mince cutlets from Stephen’s, IRCTC (Indian railways catering and tourism corporation) food at Arts Faculty college.)

Personal Recommendation– Mutton Dosa and Jelly-cream

Price for 2- Rs 60/-

Rated– 3.5/5

6- For Your Information– For Your Information, For Your Information (FYI) is a Maggie serving point with interesting items on menu that amuse the taste buds and the eyes. Before letting words like TTYL and LOL slip from your tongue, mind it or a waiter might bring forward a bowl of noodles. You guessed it right, these are some entertaining names on the menu.

Personal Recommendation– Anything with Maggie in it

Price for 2– Rs 150

Rated– 3/5

7-Try some Cafes’:

-Chill-m on bungalow road, let’s you chill with board games if your bill crosses Rs 300.

Personal Recommendation– Shooters and mocktails

-Kori’s is a Korean joint on Hudson lake which is famous for its quick grabs, ranging from Rs 50-Rs 200.

Personal Recommendation– Burgers

-Big Yellow Door is yes a big yellow door on your way to Vijay Nagar Market which is famous for its quirky décor and reasonable prices.

Personal Recommendation- Sandwiches and Wraps

8-J.P. Tea Stall and Nandu ki chai– Jai Prakash Tea Stall outside the Delhi School of Economics is the place you’ve been in lookout for if you have uncontrollable urges for Tea and the best part is your non tea drinker friends can also join in for a refreshing Banta. Whearas Nandu is no longer available but as an ode to all the chuski’s of chai sipped there (and ofcourse to mint money), another chai stall famous is outside Law Faculty college, entertaining students and professors alike.

Rated– 3.7/5

9-    Majnu ka teela – Not really sure of why it has been named so but you will surely become a majnu of this Tibetian Market. Spare lots of time and do try Hot Yak Cafe, Tee Dee and Ama Restaurant when you visit there.
Personal Recommendation– Thukpa, Chicken Sausages and fruit beer

Price for 2– Rs 250

Rated– 4/5

– Sanskriti Nagar, NIFT

Foodie Correspondent