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Ghaziabad is a populous city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Situated at a distance of nearly 42 km away from Delhi, it is an old industrial city that is now the part of the National Capital Region of Delhi. The insatiable hunger pangs inside drew us to its loud and busy precincts. We were pleasantly surprised by the eclectic gastronomic scenario in here. As you negotiate through the bustling thorough fares of the marketplace at old Ghaziabad, you discover that this busy trade center is a foodie’s haven too. The street food here is mix of traditional and contemporary favourites. Many of the traditional shops are as old as over sixty-five years or more and they gave us a semblance of Old Delhi. Inspite of the heavy influx of modern and international influences, majority of the population still loves to gorge on the zesty traditional street food fares like Chaats, Moonglet, Dahi bhalle etc. There are truly some good eateries whose foods and stories will make you fall in love with them. After visiting the city on three different occasions, we have come up with a basic list of the the go-to places that you can explore.  The food scene is so diverse and widespread that we need multiple visits to actually come up with a comprehensive list of the same.




Moonglet is the most preferred street food of Ghaziabad. These toothsome, savoury, lentil based pancakes are a craze with the crowd here. It’s resemblance to an omelette has earned it the name Moonglet i.e. moong dal based omelette. It’s is must-try delicacy in this part of the city. Try it for the buttery mouthfeel leaves you happy.



Check out this neat cart selling Kanji Vadas for the past 35 years to the discerning masses. This light and healthy snacks comprises of lentil dumplings dunked in mustard flavoured fermented water. Try it for its refreshing, filling and healthy  goodness. It is a traditional summertime snack from the states of UP and Rajasthan.



One of the oldest sweet shop in the locality this place is famous for its luscious Rabri and Rasmalai. Their sweets are so popular that they even to travel far off places. We had tried the above two desserts along with Chenar Kheer. The well-made classics won’t disappoint us at all. The sweets are fresh, pure and most importantly, optimally sweet. Another popular stuff is their Lassi which the visitors and the traders swear by to beat their exhaustion.



Here you will get to taste the Hathras famed Aloo Tikkiya. Hahthras is a town in western Uttar Pradesh that is known for its Rabri and these zesty sweet and savoury Tikkis and Chaats. This one is a simple snack of plain deep-fried Aloo patties that is served with chutneys and curd. It is not that outstanding but not disappointing as well.




Rakesh egg point is a paradise for egg lovers. They serve a delightful and scrumptious range of egg preparation among which the bestsellers are the Egg Lolo Popo and Egg Curry. As evening sets in people throng this stall to relish the hot and fresh egg dishes that includes old classics and fusion or contemporary stuffs.



This mobile cart circling the bustling marketplace serves a luscious and yummy Dahi Bhalle to the Chaat lovers. The Dahi Bhallas or lentil-based fried dumplings are served with smooth and sweet beaten curd, crushed papdis, chutneys and roasted cumin powder. This chilled, lip-smacking dish is a thing of joy.



Paan enthusiasts can check this place for their craving.





Yearning for some traditional breakfast platter, then head to this joint for their breakfast platter consisting of fresh hot Pooris, sweet and sour pumpkin sabzi, spicy potato curry, coriander chutney and a savoury raita. Best part of this unpretentious meal is the leaf plate that enhances the eating experience.  Finish it off with a Mohan Bhog, a sweet that resembles a milk cake in taste and texture.



A glass of their lusciously chilled lassi will dispel your fatigue and refresh you effectively. The unique thing behind its sweet, smooth and refreshing taste is the pleasant earthy overtone that came from the earthenware in which the curd is set and also the one in which it is served.



It is a typical North Indian styled Dhaba whose menu was quite elaborate. We had settled for their Navratri thali that has been introduced during festivity. It included two buckwheat and water chestnut flour based Pooris, a thin potato curry, curd, kheer and potato wafers. Everything was quite satisfying but it was the Shama or Millet Kheer that stood out in the group. Due to its appropriate location, it is a popular stop for the heavy vehicles passing through the nearby highway.



Turab Nagar is a popular cloth market and when the hunger pangs strikes you in the midst of your pursuits then you can consider this joint  that is swarmed with a eager crowd impatiently waiting for the zesty Aloo tikkis. the shoppers love it this ubiquitous and lip smacking snack.



When in Kavi Nagar, try the spicy Hot Dogs from this counter that is a huge hit with the young crowd. Over a few years, the hot dog has evolved into a go to snacks that has caught the fancy of the masses. The masala hot dog is a zesty filling of a well cooked vegetable mash. Its filling and irresistible.



This small yet busy cart with a super exciting name-Porwal Ji Ka Nano Samosa serves small sized samosas, a perfect accompaniment to any conversation. The word nano refers to the small sized samosas sold in here. These mildly spiced samosas are super fun to have. Do try them if you are looking for some easy thing to pop in.



This 65 plus years old Dhaba serves great North Indian food in the area. Their super popular  dish is Dhaba Style Chicken curry. Its is rich, robust, greasy, spicy yet very delicious. The right quantity and taste makes it as a value for money dish.



This place is a household name in the locality. Panditji’s unique fruit and yellow peas chaat has made him a celebrity. It is a zesty mixture of fruits and boiled lentils like Moong and Matra or yellow peas that is flavoured with spice mix, chutneys and lime juice. True to its glory, the taste is refreshingly addictive; a riot inside the mouth. Don’t forget to try it if you like the components that builds it.




People throng this joint for the comforting bread and egg dish named egg roll. Unlike the regular roll which we are familiar with, it is made from a frothy, beaten egg mixture. Its appeal lies in the soft, fluffy and buttery texture. The crowd loves it and so did we.



They serve special mixed fruit ice cream garnished with cherry compote.  This humble chilled treat has a very homely taste that will stay with you and consequently turn you into an admirer.



This place deserves a special mention not just for their Paan but also for refreshingly yummy range of homemade, seasonal fruit juices.


With this we come to the end of this list. There are so many more eateries to explore which we will eventually discover for you. Till then keep walking and keep exploring. And for more details check out the links below:





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Frozen Treats in January

We’re hitting ice cream season early this year (global warming at work again, do you think?) with the newly opened American ice cream chain – Cold Stone Creamery in both the Ambiences in Delhi and Gurgaon. I think there is a special charm in eating ice cream in the winters. First, it doesn’t melt. Second, you feel like a warrior, fighting the odds.

Cold Stone has been around in the US for about 3 decades now and has been rapidly expanding into other countries over the last few years, including our flavourful neighbours Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Creamery boasts of the famous frozen stone slab (on which ice cream is folded), often found in its natural habitat – Instagram stories.

You can add your preferred toppings to the parent flavours and shuffle between waffle cone sizes, choosing from a list of ice creams already curated for you or freestyle and go crazy with your own combinations. Go on, no one is judging. For the lactose intolerant, there are a couple of tangy sorbets on display including Passion Fruit and Pomegranate. Those who are delusional enough to want to be healthy while in an ice cream shop, can fool themselves with smoothies or carry some ice cream home for a cheat day. There is something for everyone. Ice cream is very inclusive.

When I walked into the Creamery, the employees simultaneously burst into a chorus of 90s pop music and kids songs. Though startled at first, I found myself humming along soon after. Now I do not know if I had the special privilege of being serenaded by ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’, but I sure have a new found admiration for live music with my cup of ice-cream.


Price: About Rs. 160 for one ice cream
Location: 1st floor, Ambience Mall, Gurugram (the one I went to)

Anjora cannot resist a good prawn preparation, finds home in Chinese food anywhere in the world but will eat almost anything if it looks appealing. She is a Potter head and has recently discovered pottery as a hobby (excuse the pun).
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An Afternoon with MAGNUM


An Afternoon with MAGNUM

By Shreya Chowdhury

magnum barsOn 28th February, 2015 “Delhi got a taste of the Royal Treatment”, when one of the world’s premium ice cream brand Magnum launched its three flavours of ice-cream made of pure Belgian chocolate in Delhi. They were the Classic magnum made of vanilla ice-cream and dark chocolate, the Magnum Truffle made of milk and dark chocolate and Magnum Almond made of vanilla ice-cream, milk chocolate and almonds.

Magnum held a Master class which was hosted by celebrity chef Kunal Kapur who took the audience on a journey of Chocolate and created some amazing desserts using the Magnum bar.

The master class began with the tasting of dark, milk and white Belgian chocolate, while Chef Kunal explained the difference between the three and how Belgian chocolate contained a minimum of 35% cocoa, which made it rich and indulgent.  After enlightening the audience about Belgian chocolate, the Magnum bars were brought out for all to try. The first bite had a distinctive ‘crack’ and when the ice cream melted in the mouth; it was a sinfully divine experience! It was pure unadulterated pleasure.

magum on fire After everyone had licked their ice-cream sticks clean, the Master class began where Chef Kunal created two wonderful desserts using the Magnum bar. The first was the ‘Magnum Falooda’, where he used falooda, rose water, kewra water, rabri, sugar syrup and saffron to recreate Delhi’s famous Kulfi Falooda with a Magnum twist. The second recipe was ‘Magnum on Fire’ which was Magnum bar covered with meringue which was torched slightly to caramelize it.  Both the recipes were really simple, using ingredients readily available in the kitchen.

The last segment was the fun bit where the audience was given Magnum bars and some other ingredients such as strawberries, edible gold and silver pearls, etc. and they had to create their own Magnum Dessert and also name it. It was like living the Masterchef Innovation Test. The audience created some really interesting desserts, living up to the brand’s tagline- Enjoy the Royal Treatment!

“Ice cream is about sharing, and sharing it with special ones.” Said Chef Kunal, when we asked him why he was associated with a brand like Magnum.  Magnum is not just an ice cream. It is a premium ice cream which titillates the taste buds, making the experience an absolute indulgence, giving one a royal treatment.

Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.
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Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle

                                             May 16, 2014

 Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle

                        By Anubhav Sapra


After a long stressful day at work, coming back home and switching on the TV to see the same old rhetoric by political parties can make life despairing. However, a visit to an ice-cream parlor can rejuvenate the senses beyond measure. I realized this when I was invited to review different varieties of ice-cream at Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle at Connaught Place. The outlet is opposite to Haldiram’s in outer circle, near Bhape da Hotel. The franchise is owned by Mr. Harsh ( Cell no. . 9582812144) There is another outlet of Pabrai’s in East Patel Nagar, run by Mr. Harsh’s son-in-law, Anujeet Singh.

Bubblegum 2This Kolkata-based ice-cream parlor was founded in 2008 and has 28 outlets across India.The brand claims to deliver natural ice-creams without any artificial essence or added colours. The ice-cream is procured from Kolkata by Rajdhani Express twice a week. In fresh fruit flavors, I tasted Watermelon, Musk Melon, Chikoo fruit, Tender Coconut, Anjeer and Alphonso mango. They also have the kind of flavors that, regardless of our age, can make our heart pine for- Bubblegum and Banana Toffee.  But the ones I liked the most were Pabrai’s Nolen Gur, Chandan, South Indian Coffee and Toasted Almond. The scoops are priced between Rs. 39 and Rs. 129 (excluding taxes), and tubs (500 ml) between Rs. 222.220 and Rs. 417.780.

NGPicPabrai’s Nolen Gur ice-cream is served with real nolengur (a variety of molasses) and has chunks of jaggery in it. It is a treat to the taste buds. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The South Indian Coffee has the taste of strong filter coffee, popular in South India. The owner informed us that this flavor has seen an increase in demand since the time it was introduced.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this parlor. It certainly is worth a visit. After all they do have an impressive clientele -The Park, Sheraton, Taj and many others.


Anubhav Sapra
Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.